Friday, March 30, 2007

The Latest...............

Yesterday was the day to go back in to the doctor to check up on the baby and on the blood pressure issue. Unfortunately, blood pressure was sky rocketing 196/101!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes!!!!!!!!! Needless to say, they sent me right over to the hospital for the non stress test and, once again, baby was doing just fine and after 3 hours on the monitor the blood pressure finally came down, way down 113/50!!! How's that for recovery!!!! I am dialated to a 2 and having contractions every 7 minutes or so!!!! Baby is definately ready to come and meet the family!!

So the bottom line is this............they sent me home from the hospital on my own recognisance to rest and relax and lay low until Monday morning at 6AM when they will induce labor and we will have the baby sometime Monday afternoon!! WHEW!!!!!!!!! Good thing I went through my nesting stage about 3 weeks ago and everything is ready and prepared and we are anxious to meet our new little bundle of love!!!!!! So that's the story!!! We will keep posting until Monday and then hopefully we will be able to post pictures of the new baby sometime Monday evening or Tuesday depending on how things go!!!! Thanks for all your prayers.

Lovebug Hugs,


Bug said...

wow Monday!!! I cant wait, do you think the baby might come before monday??? they have a mind of there own... Im so glad your BP went back down, and all is going so good. I cant wait to see the new member of your family! Know Im thinking of you so much and will continue to think of you, Randy, Connor and the new bug!!! Big Bug Hugs Sheila

Princess Morgan said...

What wonderful news the baby will be here soon. You will definitely be in our thought for a safe delivery & healthy baby. Please update as soon as you can. Ladybug hugs!

Anonymous said...

Gee, guess we know what will be in Lori's Easter Basket!!!!!!!
We will be keeping you and the family in our prayers. Is Randy home? Conner, it's almost time to be a Big Brother kiddo!!!!!
Les & Karen Carver & Crew

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori,
I can NOT wait to hear all the exciting news of the anticiptaed delivery day!!!! Who knows, maybe this little one may not want to wait until Monday!! I always dialated early too and that makes such a nice delivery. Have fun!!

Les,Marsha,Erica,Carly,Haley said...

Happy Birthday, Lori

Enjoy your special day. We Love you!

Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday!!! We wish you a very special day......

P.S. we can't wait till Monday and are so very excited to become Auntie & Uncle once again!

Love, Teresa

Anonymous said...

Oh how exciting. A new member of your family will arrive soon!

I think of you all alot and am so happy to read of Connor's contined recovery.He is adorable and growing to be such a handsome and strong boy.
Good luck on the arrive of your new bundle and look forward to see ing pics.

Cheryl Maulin