Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Climbing The Mountain To Better Health......

We're not there yet, but we are definitely climbing the mountain toward better health around here. Connor is still not feeling well, and Randy and I are still sniffling and coughing. Mackenzie is doing well, but we are concerned that she may be getting a slight cold. She's been very fussy, with watery eyes and little sneezes. How we pray that we can all beat this soon. Thanks for continued prayers.

Lovebug Hugs,


Anonymous said...

We are glad to hear that things are a little better. Jesus, protect little MacKenzie from getting a cold in Jesus Name! Amen! Lori, thanks for still continuing to keep your blog updated. I continually look forward to reading and hearing what is going on at the Robertson home! We love you guys and you have all blessed our family as well as others I am sure! Have an awesome day and try and get some naps in there. :)
Love, Sue & family

Princess Morgan said...

Lovely pictures. Hope you are all well soon. Oh, how awful to come home after having a beautiful girl & now sick. Feel better real soon!