Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Oh My, Little Bug's Got The Crud Too!!!!

Well, it's official......Daddy and Mama gave Little Bug the same awful crud that we have. Poor little guy.....Daddy took him in to the doctor today and sure enough, he's fighting off the same thing we have. Thankfully, Randy is nearing the end, but Lori is still feeling lousy!!!! Mackenzie is fairing quite well at the moment!!! We seriously need health to cover our home soon!!!! This is the worst sickness that we have seen in years (baring Little Bug's last year in the hospital)!!! We really look forward to having more visitors and Connor can't wait to show off his new little sister. Plus, Little Bug would love to have visitors come and play with him so he can show off his new found skill of rolling over!!!!

By the way, Mackenzie has a website that was provided by the hospital. It is now available for viewing and comments for 120 days. Please feel free to visit at :
(Simply copy and paste the entire yellow portion above into the address line of your browser and press go!) To leave a message for Mackenzie please scroll down to the "Add Your Message" section, click on it and enter our last name (Robertson) and leave a message to be printed out for Mackenzie's baby book. Thanks!!!

Continued prayers for better health are certainly appreciated!!! Thanks so much for all your love!!!

Lovebug Hugs,


tammee, michael's mom said...

Oh life continues to bring happiness to you all!
What a beautiful baby girl....I knew you were having a girl. I am so happy for all of you!
Sorry to hear that your fanily has come down with the crud- I am hoping and praying that it alls goes away soon.
Please pray for Howard, Austin and I as we approach the anniversary of Michael's entry to heaven. Howard is having a tough time lately.
We love you guys and think of you often. So happy for your new addition!
She is beautiful- would love to meet her soon!
Please call us when you have the time, 253-638-1993.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lori
We will pray that this will all pass very quickly. I just went on the hospital website and what another adorable photo!! I can not get over how cute she is!
your mom mentioned that when everyone is well and after brittany's wedding that sue , you and I should all get together so we can see you cute little ones. I would really like that!

Bug said...

Im sorry Bugs got it too... Sounds like a nasty one... I hope you all get well soon, sending big prayers your way! Bug Hugs SHeila

Heather said...

Hi Connor,
How ya doing? I figured that you have a bad cold right now. I hope you feel better.
Love Brennan (Bennett)

Bug said...

Hey guys its been a few days, and I was just checking in on ya... I hope your feeling better and that Connor is doing good with the cold and almost over it. big Hugs
Sheila and Sky

Anonymous said...

Hey Bug,
We are praying for your recovery. this "Yuck" is awful. We have had it too and so we know how you feel. We know Mom is busy and that she or Dad will post again when everyone feels better.
Get well soon and tell the family hello from the Carver's and the Youngs.

Anonymous said...

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