Sunday, June 10, 2007

New Pictures....FINALLY!!!!!!!!!

Pretty in pink in Mama's dress that she wore 37 years ago!!!!
(I think this means were going to be taking lots of pictures of me in this dress.....Enjoy!!!)

Me and Mama.....Ohhhhhhh

Having a little bit of tummy time in my pretty dress!!

Smiling for the camera!!

So concerned....How many more pictures is Mama gonna take?????

I'll just sit here and be cute as a sweet pea so Mama can get the pictures she wants.....

Mama and Sweet Pea........

Daddy and his little girl!!!

Hanging out with Mama after a costume change....Hee Hee

Daddy and Little Bug getting ready for some snuggle time....

Snuggle time.....Are you kidding me???? I want to play!! I want to fly!!! Look at me....I'm serious, get me flying Daddy.....Ok, I'll flap my arms real hard and see if I can go....

I love my Daddy!!!!

I'm sitting up with my dog Abbey!!!! I don't sit up all by myself all the time, but occasionally Mama and Daddy catch me sitting up with a little help from my puppy dog!!! Mama says, "Don't worry", I'll be sitting up in no time!!

Hey Dad, let's just hang out for a while......I like hanging out with you!!

Oh Dad, don't cry......I promise I won't grow up too fast!!!!!!

Sweet Pea hanging out with her orange Binky!!!! (Man I wish these Binky's came in other colors to match outfits.....Uggghhh....What's a Mama to do?????)

Too Cute.......

Hanging out with our neighbor's, The Foxes last week when we had our first fire in our fire pit...We even made smore's. This was Connor and Mackenzie's 1st bonfire!!! If you look real close you will see that Connor and Mama are roasting a marshmellow.....yummy!!!!!

Connor and Mackenzie having play time with Daddy when Mama had to run errands....Wow, look at all the toys out at one time!!! Daddy must be on duty!!!!

Hey, is that Mackenzie in Connor's Bumbo chair?????? I guess she needs to start working on her sitting up skills too.....
Hope you enjoyed the recent pictures.....I know it's been a while!!!
Lovebug Hugs,


Barbara Hunter said...

Hey there Lori and Randy...this is the 3 dollar lady. I just wanted to let you know how much Greg and I have enjoyed your pictures and blogs. Aren't computers great? I'm always thankful for your willingness to share your journey with us. I love your pink dress!

pogreba's said...

I am still following your blog and enjoying all the pictures of your family. What a joy it is to see and read about all the happy times you are having these days!


Ofelia Ayala said...

Dear Robertson Family, I have been waiting for pictures it seems like it's been forever but they were worth the wait all the pictures are wonderful both babies are beautiful Thank You for sharing. Little up-dated on Noah he had surgery on the 4th and is doing so good. Lori I was so happy to meet you I feel like I have always known you. You all are my Heros Love you Ofelia

trevor said...

What cuties you have! I'm glad to see that Connor is doing so well!


Bug said...

Oh the kis look wonderful, and so do you guys! Look at that Connor go!!! And Lori the pictures of you and Mackenzie are fantastic. BIG BUG HUGS Sheila and Skylar

Anonymous said...

I am always checking in to see how everyone is doing. Thank you for sharing your life and pictures.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lori
It was great looking at all the photos and reading all the captions. The kids and James like looking at them too. Caleb said he can not believe how BIG Connor looks and they are amazed to see photos of him without all the wires, tubes and such. They keep saying , "mom is he ok now?" It is a great experience to share with the kids the miracles of GOd. Have a great day and enjoy the weather today.

amy flege said...

wow that baby girl of your is gorgous!!!! and lil bug is getting so big! yeah on the sitting!!!
i have a bunch of those binkys in PINK. ordered them for mayson. they were boiled but never used... you want them????

Izabell said...

you are all beautiful!! you look so good lori!! it was great chatting with you the other day! I ave to comment on you clean house, makeup, well done hair put together outfit and adorable family!! you are truly a superstar!! when did you ever have time to paint your toenails!!lol!! you rock! I hope you have a good weekend! izzy will be in surgery Thursday and so if we might be busy so I want to wish you all a happy weekend! happy fathers day randy!

Princess Morgan said...

Love the new pictures! Way to Connor with the sitting....It won't be long & you'll be running through the house. Mackenzie, you are a little angel too. You are both very lucky children. So loved!