Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day Daddy!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everybody, it's Connor and Mackenzie here. Mama let us out of her sight for a few minutes so the little sweet pea and I made our way to the computer as quick as we could. It's Father's Day today and our Daddy is overseas on a military trip. We are so sad that we can't kiss all over him and slobber him with love....we love to do that to our Daddy.

There are so many reasons that our Daddy is the BEST. First, he loves us with all his heart. You'd think he'd won the lottery each and every time he sees us....especially me, Little Bug....I think he likes me best....Hee Hee!!! (Shhhhhh...don't tell the little sweet pea that because she'd get all bent out of shape....) Our Daddy is always so happy to see us. He flies us around the house and he kisses us all over. He loves to throw us way up in the air and listen to us giggle. Well, at least I giggle, sometimes Mackenzie just looks like she's gonna throw up or something, but I still think she likes it. Second, our Daddy's the best Daddy because he works so hard for us. He has to be gone a lot and he hates that, but he is always faithful to his job and to defend our country's freedom. We are so proud of you Daddy. Wherever you are today, we hope you know that we love you so much!!!! Third, we love our Daddy because he let's us have all of our toys out at the same time. Mama has these silly rules that we have to play with only 1 or 2 toys at a time so she can keep things tidy around here......Well, not our Daddy. He let's us have the whole floor covered with toys at the same time...Everywhere you look you see toys when our Dad's watching out for us. He turns on all our musical toys and you'd think a parade was traveling through our house. It gets really noisy around here and we love that. Fourth, we love Daddy so much because he lets us wear our sleepers all day long. (Mama hates that!!!!) He says it's easier to change us in sleepers rather than putting us in clothes. We love to roll around in sleepers....Way to go Dad for letting us have it our way....It's kinda like eating at Burger know...Have it your way!! Fifth, we love Daddy because he gives us light shows at bedtime. He plays the moon game with us and lets the tap light rise over the crib just like the moon...then he zooms it around the crib and swoops it down so we can touch it. We laugh so's the funnest game. Sixth, we love Daddy because he plays his guitar and sings silly songs to us. He makes up the words and the tunes sometimes and they're always about us. Thanks for being such a creative Daddy to us.

Well, we could go on and on but I think Mama is catching on to the fact that we're not where we are supposed to be right now. So Daddy, wherever you are we want you to know that we miss you and we love you. Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy in the whole wide universe!!!!! Can't wait to celebrate with you when you come home.

Lovebug Hugs To You Daddy!!!!
Little Bug and Sweet Pea

PS ~ Hey Dad, Mama's working on a surprise for you......I think she might be turning into Paul Bunyan!!!!


Tammee, Michael's Mom said...

Happy Father's Day Randy!! Howard wanted to say hi and wishes you well! I just showed him the pictures of Conner and Mackenzie. They both have grown up so! We think of all you all the time and want to send our love!
Lots of love to your family from our family- Howie, Tammee, Austin and Angel Michael

Teresa said...


Happy Father's day!!!! So wish we could call you and tell you that but I guess this is next best thing!

What's that about Paul Bunyon Lori???!! Explain.. .you have me curious!

We ended up having F'Day at our house! It was a full house but fun!! It just wasn't the same without you guys....

Love, Teresa

p.s. give the 2 little lovebugs hugs & kisses for me! I miss them and can't wait to see them again! Next week I hope!

Daddy said...

Littlebug and little kiddo's have made your Daddy sooooo very happy...this is the best Father's Day and I can't wait to get home and fly you both around the house real fast!!!

Love Daddy

ps tell your Momma that Daddy loves her a whole bunch too ok! I'm gonna give you all a big hug and kiss when I get home so get ready!!!