Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mission Accomplished!!!!

This is for Daddy (wherever you are!!!)
Hi Daddy, it's Little Bug. I wanted to sneak into the computer to tell you that the mission is accomplished. Mama was working on a surprise for you and, let me tell you, Paul Bunyan would be proud....In fact I think Tim the Toolman Taylor would be proud too....(You know that guy from the Home Improvement show!!!) Are you curious yet????? We can't wait for you to come home and get you Father's Day surprise!!!!! You deserve it Daddy 'cause you're the best!!!!!!

See you soon. Sweet Pea says hello and I wanted to let you know that I got another tooth!!! Love you Daddy!!!!

Lovebug Hugs,
Little Bug


Anonymous said...

Ok Lori,
Now you have us all curious as to what you accomplished. You are an amazing woman, so I can only imagine. Have a great day with your kiddos!
Love Sue

Daddy said...

WOW Honey I'm still astonished at what you've done!!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!

Well to let all of you know out there in blogger land....Lori my hard working and loving wife has done an amamzing feat! You see just before I left on this last military trip I cut down a huge tree in our front yard and didn't have enough time to haul it all away. So most of it was left in the backyard of which Lori helped me or should I say SHE hauled it there for me, so that when I returned I could finish the job.

Knowing full well that when I returned I would be faced with a monumental task of logging for a few days Lori decided to help her hubby out and do it herself!!!! AUGH....Yep Lori the logger...or Paul Bunyan's helper...she is fantastic!!! And mind you this was not a branch or two this was a whole tree!!!! She cut, stacked, removed it all!!!! Honey I hear Weyerhauser is looking for a few good lumberjacks!

But not only was she lumberjack but she also pressure washed our whole patio and fixed up the backyard as well...weeding.. trimming plants and making our yard more liveable. You see I had given up on it because of our precious little beast Abbey...a very active black lab we got as a puppy....and puppies like to dig and chew and totally annililate things which she did in short order to our backyard! But thanks to the hard efforts of my beautiful wife.... Daddy can now spend quality time with her and the kids instead of working for days out back... probably only doing half as nice a job as she has done in ONE DAY !!!! Yep one day!!! Wow is she ever efficient!!!! I guess that comes with being a busy Mommy!

Thanks Honey..this is truely a gift not only do I thank you but my back does too!!!

Ok Gramps....I'm not going to forget you either...You see Lori did have a little help...Grampa Milliren came up and helped Lori with all the "lumberjacking" and the use of his truck to haul it all away and I hear he can swing a mean chainsaw with the best of those Weyerhauser lumberjacks! Oh and he also pressure washed our back deck off which is quite a job!! Thanks Gramps for all your hard work! You've both done a fabulous job I sincerely appreciate it!!!!!

Oh and last but not least.. I can't forget Grandma Milliren....none of this would have been possible without her vigilent watch over our "littlebug" and "sweetpea" so Mama and Grandpa could practice their chainsaw and axe swinging routines...thanks Grams!!

Randy and "his non aching back"

Anonymous said...

It was so good to see you the other day at Grassi's. I know I have been bad at not commenting here on the blog. I do LOOK everyday (sometimes twice a day) to keep up with your family. You should someday write a book or publish this blog - it is so interesting. You are such a good writer - you make me feel as though I am there with you experiencing what you are experiencing! I do copy each blog and take it to Sandy...she doesn't have a computer and is so interested in what is going on with you. I only have a black & white printer so she doesn't get to see all the colorful stuff.

Please know that even though I don't always (hardly ever) leave comments you, Randy, Little Bug and Sweet Pea are in our prayers daily.

I am not going to let my husband read that you became Paul Bunyan!! He may expect it of me!!! How did you do it???

I am curious about Little Bug and whether he still has his feeding tube or not??? Did I miss a blog where he had it removed??? You don't mention it anymore so I'm hoping he is done with it??

Say HI to Randy from me and give Little Bug and Sweet Pea a kiss from me.

Love, Marianne