Wednesday, July 04, 2007

All American!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!!!

The Patriotic Robertson Family!!!!!!!!! A fun day at Les Grove Park in Auburn, WA!! This was the first parade and festival that the kids have ever been to. We all had a great time.

All American.....All the way......Little Bug loves to have his bare feet in the cool grass.....especially on a hot 90 degree day like today!!!

Daddy and Little Bug getting ready to take a train ride around the park.....Wheeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy, Little Bug and the Engineer!!!! Thanks for the ride Mr. Train guy!!!!!

Mackenzie Joy lookin' pretty with her flag!!!

Little Bug rarin' to go to the next exhibit......'cmon guys, let's go!!!!!!!!!!!

Little Bug got to meet a parrott today!!!!

More play time in the cool grass with Daddy!!!!

Ohhhhhh............Somebody's sleepy sleepy!!!!!

Oh Brother......There goes Mama again doing a photo shoot.......

Ok Mackenzie.....Here's a secret for you......If you don't always do what I say, then I'm gonna have to bite your ear off.....Got It??????

Hee Hee Hee.......Little Bug thinks he's the boss telling me those secrets to make me scared.....I've got some news for you big brother.......

I'm gonna smile pretty and tilt my head and my Daddy and Mama will give me anything I want......

Big All American Girl smiles......

Whew.....I'm getting tired of this photo shoot Mama......My tongues hanging out and I'm hot and tired and Mackenzie looks scared out of her shorts.....Can't we just stop and go watch fireworks??? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Mama I said NOW..................I'm TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The end of a great day with our All American Kids!!!!

Lovebug Hugs & Happy Independence Day,
Randy, Lori, Little Bug & Sweet Pea


Bug said...

Lori and Randy

Glad to see your home Randy! You guys look amazing!!! And the kids, oh my gosh they can be any cuiter!! Connor is getting to be such a big boy, I love to see ho w strong he is getting (way to Connor) and your little princes is just a doll...

Happy 4th of July guys

Love You All Lots Sheila

Anonymous said...

ok, these pictures are adorable. It was great to see you & Randy at Brittany's wedding! Thanks for coming!
Love, Sue

Heather said...

HAPPY INDEPENDANCE DAY!!! You truly are the most patriotic family I know! I love all of the outfits. How fun! We had a great day picnicing with a family in our church and fireworks after dark. It is a great celebration isn't it! Well, I am so happy to see everyone doing so well. I am interested to hear of Connor's medical updates. WE continue to pray for him nightly and especially that eating thing. :)

I love you all!
Auntie Heather #2

Izabell said...

happy 4th:)

Emery six said...

Randy and Lori, Those pictures were great and the captions were HILARIOUS! I loved it. Did I spy LittleBug SITTING UP BY HIMSELF??? Wonderful progress. I know LittleBug works hard at his therapy and it looks like it's paying off.

Love and BigBug hugs from,
Susan and Gang

Emery six said...

PS I appreciate all the photos especially knowing (from experience) how LONG it takes to post them to Blogger!

Anonymous said...

Connor is looking SO good!! He's come a long way since our hospital days. And Sweet pea Mackenzie is so cute.

John (Brent's dad)

Anonymous said...

Hey Robertson's!

Cute pictures...I love the one of Conner sitting on the grass like such a big boy. :) Both kids are growing up and are so adorable. Have a super weekend.

Love ~ April

Tifani said...

Your family is so adorable! Look at those great, patriotic outfits. I love Mackenzie's headbands - did you make them? Blessings!

Princess Morgan said...

Great photos! Looks like you all enjoyed your 4th of July. It is so great to see everyone happy & healthy & HOME!!! Yeah!!!

Anonymous said...

how great of a time you must have had with your great family. You have sooo much to be thankful for. It was sooo good seeing you at the wedding and I am looking forward to sue and I coming and seeing those great kids in person.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful, thanks for sharing. Jay