Thursday, September 06, 2007

How To Donate To Team Little Bug

Hi everybody.....
Thanks for being patient with me as I figure out how to best instruct all of our blogger friends to donate to Team Little Bug for the upcoming Buddy Walks. After looking into many options, we chose to go with the most accurate way we know how and that is simply sending a check. At this point we don't have a good option for online giving that will provide everyone with a tax deductible receipt, so we feel a check is the best. I know, we're still living in the dark ages of paper please bare with us.

In the last post, we challenged our blogger friends to help us raise $2500 for Team Little Bug. Please read the post below if you did not get the update. Your donation checks can be made out to The Arc of Whatcom County Attn: Down Syndrome Outreach and you can mail them directly to us:
1309 57th Drive SE
Auburn, WA 98092
We will take all of the collected donation checks on the day of the walk and turn them in to Down Syndrome Outreach and they will issue a tax deductible receipt for any donation over $25.00. As checks come in we will keep you all posted on where we are in reaching our goal.

Thanks in advance for your willingness to give in Connor's name. We are excited to present this wonderful organization with a great donation.

Lovebug Hugs,
PS ~
As many of you know my Mom was taken to the hospital on Saturday for 5 separate blood clots. 2 in each of her lungs, for a total of 4 clots in her chest and 1 extrememly large clot in her left leg. It is a miracle, to say the least, that Mom went to the doctor and we are so very thankful that her doctor saw the urgency of this situation and sent her immideately to the hospital. After many tests, the ultrasound and CT scan concluded that the clots needed attention. She has been hospitalized since Saturday on a heprin IV and coumadin, both of which are blood thiners. She has been in a bit of pain in her leg but that seems to be getting better day after day. Thanks for all your continued prayers for my mom and for her quick return home. Thanks!!!!


The Lanhams said...

Zip code? It's a wonderful thing you are doing. I hope everyone is continuing to due well. We think of you all often. :)
W/L, Tiff
STONE lives in us all

Teresa said...

Hi Lori & Randy,

We did hear about your mom and have had her in our prayers nightly. Hoping for a speedy recovery for her, I know how active she likes to be......

As for Team Little bug you bet we'd love to donate!! Thanks for the info, you can look for our check in the mail (as well as walking the day of..!) Love you guys & kiss the kiddo's for us!

Love, Auntie Teresa

auntie marsha said...

Looking forward to spending the day in honor of our Little Bug Connor!!! You can count on a donation from us. Give Connor and MacKenzie a hug & kiss from me.

Izabell said...

we would love to walk with you if you would like ~ send us some:) wyndi and izzy

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Thank you so much Team Little Bug! Also, it was so great to meet you on Sunday for the reveal of the calendar. I can't wait to see you again in October!

Give everyone a hug for me.

Kristy Gillig
aka Dylan and Jonah's Mom

Anonymous said...

Hello Guys,

I have been gone for a few months off of the internet doing blogs. It is so wonderful to see how big Connor and Sweetpea have gotten!!!!!! I love his sweet sweet smile. I am so happy for you all. God Bless you! Love, Darina

mum2brady said...

Prayers for your mom and best wishes for a wonderful Buddy Walk :) I hope you make your goal!!!

Tommy's mommy said...

We look forward to meeting you at the Whatcom Buddy Walk. Connor and our son Tommy have much in common.

Take care! Sandi and Tommy

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Connor and Mackenzie!!!!!! I hope you guys and your mommy and daddy are having a wonderful day!!!!!! I hope the weather is good so you guys can spend some time outside this weekend! Love you all!!

Emery six said...

Littlebug and SweetPea,

How is your grandma doing now?

Love, Brent and Family