Thursday, August 30, 2007


Ok blogger land....the time has come for a challenge..............

As many of you know from previous posts, Connor was chosen to be in the Smiles of Life calender for Whatcom County 2008. We are anxiously awaiting the reveal of his page in the calender which will occur on Sept. 9th!!!! The calender is sponsored through an organization called Down Syndrome Outreach of Whatcom County. Each year throughout the country in October the National Down Syndrome Society in conjunction with local agencies puts on what's called a Buddy Walk to promote awareness of Down Syndrome. This year we are proud to put together "Team Little Bug" and walk in both the Whatcom County and Skagit County Buddy Walks. The walks will occur on October 6th in Whatcom County and October 13th in Skagit County. You can go to for more specific details, times and directions to the walk if you'd like to join us for either of the events.

Over the past year and a half so many have asked us if there is anything they could contribute financially to Connor. We have always felt uncomfortable with that subject because God has been so faithful to provide everything for Connor 100%. The time has come where we finally know how to answer that question; You can support Connor in these upcoming Buddy Walks. We have set a goal of $2500 to raise in Connor's name for the upcoming Buddy Walks. The funds that are raised are 100% tax deductible and the moneys are used for the promotion of awareness and education for people with Down Syndrome. We believe that this is a very reachable goal for all of us and a very worthy organization to contribute to. We would be honored if you would choose to support Connor in the walks and give to this most amazing organization.

So the challenge is out...........$2500 in donations by October 6th 2005.
Here's how it could potentially breakdown:
500 people give $5.00 each
250 people give $10.00 each
100 people give $25.00 each
50 people give $50.00 each
25 people give $100.00 get the picture!!!! Give in whatever direction your heart leads and be confident that the Robertson's are thrilled with each and every penny raised to support Connor and other kiddo's like him.

We are currently awaiting instructions on how you can give online in Connor's name but we wanted to get the challenge out so that you could be thinking and praying about how you might like to join with us and help. We will be posting info very soon on how and where you can donate in a secure manner and receive your tax deductible receipt.

We can't wait to see what the supporters of Little Bug will do and we will be so pleased to post the results of the challenge. There are no limits.....nothing is to small and nothing is too big!! Thank you for even considering the possibility of giving and for being part of the process to help to advocate the rights, promote the potential and abilities, and to create a supportive and inclusive community for Connor and for others with Down Syndrome. Watch out comes Team Little Bug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's see what we can do!!!!!!!!!!

Postings will follow with instructions on how you can give.

Lovebug Hugs,
Randy, Lori, Little Bug & Sweet Pea


Anonymous said...

Dear Little Bug,
I will be happy to support you & your family with a donation to this worthwhile organization.I'll be looking for the info. about how to do it online. It's such a blessing to see your recent pix and your little sister too.We have such an awesome GOD. Love, Lorrie Walker (JoAnn Collins' friend from Riverside, Ca.)

Bug said...

Lori and Randy

This is a wonderful idea, and I hope and pray you will have a good turn out (Im sure you will with all the wonderful people you have fallowing Connor and his progress) Let me know how we can donate, you can count on Big Bugs family to support your cause (defiantly) Thank you for the post on Skys blog, I was thinking of you and Connor the other day and I was going to call you and see if you had tried the munchkins with him. Skylar loves them and so do I. he has a great swallow, im just still to chicken to give him solids with out the handheld mesh feeder. in time though right! Im sorry Connor still dosent have much of an interest, he will... patients and time.... I hope you guys have a Great 3 day weekend, I hope Randy is home with you to have some fun family time.

Big Bug Hugs Sheila

Bug said...

one more quick thing, have you looked into they have wonderful fund raiser pages!

Hugs Sheila

Anonymous said...

Will be happy and proud to support you & kids lik you with a donation. Will be checking for info at a later time.
Mo's mom and dad

Izabell said...

you will have our support, we would love to walk with you guys too:)

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! Glad to see you are getting involved w/ Buddy Walk. We are getting ready for ours right now too! It is Sept. 15 and Chris Burke (Corky from Life Goes On) is going to be the Grand Marshall!

Anyway, our group started an on-line donation site this year, but it isn't catching on very well. It is kind of hard to use.

I found another that you might want to check out and set up just for Little Bug's Team. It is

Good luck and have fun!!! :)

Steph in IL