Saturday, January 17, 2009

We're Off To Mayo....

The bags are packed and stacked by the front door. Kids are tucked into bed and we are scuttering around doing last minute things to prepare for our trip. This will be short so that we can go to bed soon.

Please be praying specifically for Connor tomorrow that he will be peaceful on the flight and shuttle ride to Rochester.

Tonight as I reflect upon the week ahead and I anticipate what is about to happen for Connor and for us, I am quiet in my heart and I am hopeful and trusting that God is in the process of working a miracle for Connor. I am reminded of a song that I used to sing as a teenager in our youthgroup. I want to include the lyrics here because I would hope this is how all of our blogger friends and family can be praying for us.
The song is entitled, "I promise to pray for you"
I promise to pray for you, to lift you up before the Lord. I promise to always speak your name before His throne. That new life in Him you'd find, that He'd give you peace of mind. I promise to pray for you, God's love to embrace you."

When I was running last minute errands today the above song came to mind and I was singing it over and over in the car. The part that says, "that new life in Him you'd find, that He'd give you peace of mind" made me think of Connor finding a whole new life ahead, free of pain and aggitation and a new sense of peace and calm within his little body.

Please pray for us. We will keep posting daily so everyone knows how we're doing and what is going on.

Lovebug Hugs,


hjoy said...

Keeping Connor and your family in our prayers.

Sky said...

Sending you lots of prayers Lori, give little bug a BIG bug hug from Sky and I! we will be thinking of you guys all week, sending prayers and looking forward to good news! Love ya Sheila

ShawnZ said...

You should be there and getting settled in...the scripture/song that came to mind last night as we left your home was what God spoke to me just before Connor was born...HE who began a good work in you, WILL be faithful to complete it, faithful to complete it, HE who started the work WILL be faithful to complete it you. A song that will be on my lips as I pray for Connor this week. Hugs...SMZ