Sunday, January 18, 2009

We're Here!!!

Our great adventure has begun and we are safe and sound in Minnesota. The trip went well and Connor did quite well on the plane and shuttle ride today. We are going to get some sleep and prepare for a big day tomorrow. Here's the pictures of the 1st day of our journey.

Just getting dropped off at SeaTac at 5:45am!!! Wow that's early for a Little Bug!!

Daddy's giving Little Bug the drill on checking bags and gives Mommy a hard time that she's overpacked....In Mommy's defense, she just had to have outfit options for me, you never know how we might need to dress. Options are always good in Mommy's eyes!!! Hee Hee

Ridding the tram at SeaTac to gate N11...Whee...........This is fun Dad!!!

Getting ready to go through security...I can't believe they make you take a 3 year olds shoes off!!!

On the plane making our reservations for the Go Rochester Direct Shuttle.

Waiting for the shuttle in Minneapolis....I'm so tired!!!

Playing on the floor in our hotel room. Hey guys, can we go to the pool soon!!!

We'll post more tomorrow. Keep praying for us!!!

Lovebug Hugs,
Randy, Lori & Little Bug


Sky said...

Im so glad all has gone well, Connor looks whooped! Get some sleep little/big bug!!! Sending prayers for a great week Love ya Sheila and Skylar

Shawn said...

Nighty nite to all the bugs...we love you. Until tomorrow...