Wednesday, January 21, 2009

At the hospital

Well today we admitted Connor to St. Mary's Hospital at 8am. In typical hospital style, nothing really happened until after 3pm when they started taking the blood glucose tests before and after Connor's feedings. They are looking for a dramatic drop in blood sugar to occur if he does have Dumping Syndrome. So far, the levels are not remarkable enough to make any determination. He had 5 episodes today and each one of them were missed by the doctors. We would alert the nursing staff that "this was it" and no one ever came until the episode was complete. So, they will be continuing with the plan for tomorrow which is to send Connor into the OR under sedation for quite a few procedures. The results, I'm told, might take a while, so I don't know what the plan is for us after the procedures are done. We do know that we have a follow up appt. with the original Dr. Tung on Friday at 3:30. So, we remain patient, hopeful and expectant for good things.

Another thing thrown out by one of the doctors today was something called Herschbergers Disease. This is where the muscles and the nerves in the anus do not cooridinate during a bowel movement. They aren't sure, but they will check for it. So far, a lot of talk and not a lot of movement, but I guess it will happen all in time.

We were able to get an available room at the Ronald McDonald House which is right across the street from this hospital instead of across town. I will be staying in the hospital with Connor tonight and Randy will be over there. Depending on what the plan is for Connor, at least we have a convenient and comfortable place to stay once we are discharged from the hospital.

Thanks for all your continued prayers. We still need them very much!!!!

Lovebug Hugs For Tonight,

PS ~
Today back home Miss Mackenzie had a fun play date with Auntie Shawn. I've seen the pictures over email and watched a brief video of their time together. It brought tears to our eyes to see her having so much fun, but we are happy to see her having fun. It's harder than we ever imagined to be away from the other kids. Our thanks go out to Grandma Nanny and Grandpa for staying with them and everyone else who is stepping in to provide company and fun for them. You are all dear to us.


Sky said...

Keeping you guys in our prayers, it sounds very frustrating. At least you and Randy are able to be there together :) Lots of hugs Sheila

Anonymous said...

The weariness is evident in your scripted words...this morning is bible study and we women - strong and confident will be your armor bearers before the Lord. BTW.. Raquel stood in the gap with Joyce on Sunday morning for Connor. You are not forgotton by family here and most importantly by the very one who created your inmost being...your heart, soul and mind. May the whispers of our Lord sweep over your spirit this day..we don't have tomorrow, just today. Absorb His presence dear friend. Hugs, Shawn

Anonymous said...

Let me know if you want me to fly the friendly skies...I can be there NO PROBLEM! smz

Anonymous said...

One more note...hacked the computer at your house to download all pics from yesterday/today..including videos so you have them in My documents now. I did add some directly to Lori's facebook...Kinzer and then tagged her with the Alex footage.