Monday, January 19, 2009

Events of the day!!!!

Little Bug did not want to go to bed last night...He was up until after 11pm. What a stinker!!!

Connor in his bed...but not wanting to sleep!!

Randy got creative with the way we set up Connor's sleeping quarters. We hung a blanket up with wall tacks to create a barrier so he sleeps in front of the bathroom area and he can't see any light from our area. We played his nighttime sleepy CD from home to make him feel comfortable...let's hope he konks out before 11pm tonight!!!

Just before heading out to the skyway to our appt.

In the hallway outside our appointment area. Mayo Bldg. floor #9

Mama's filling out the book of information on me....WOW...there's a lot she has to talk aobut with the doctor.

Daddy and Connor found an old antique scale....I think Randy's surprised how much Connor has grown...Mama wouldn't even go near the scale...She says posting all these pictures has renewed her energy to drop the baby weight!!! Hee Hee

Daddy and Connor playing in the waiting room before the big appointment.

Here we are waiting for the doctor to arrive in my examination room.

Here we are in the new pediatric floor waiting for the x-ray technician to come and get us.

Mama does a good job of undressing me quick for all these things...

Don't I look cute in my paper outfit!!! Hee Hee...I'm so silly!!
Happy family waiting in the X-ray waiting area.
I'm done with my X-ray and I get to get back in my own clothes...Let's go back to our hotel and play now.
Well, that was my day today. Daddy and Mama are still frustrated with the process here, but we're gonna do our best. Tonight I am fasting after 8pm so I won't get my tube feeding through the night. I will go into the hospital Tuesday at 9am for what's called a gastric emptying study. It will take about 7 hours of x-raying every hour and a half. We'll let you all know how it goes.
We've met lots of people that we need to be praying for. Peter and Wanda need our prayers as do our new little friends Hannah and Addison. We also met a little girl named Anabell that stole our heart. She's a cancer patient and she's so cute. Everyone here has a story and they all need our love and prayers too.
Lovebug Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Prayers are being sent for good results - or any results! :)

Good luck all!

Steph and Christopher in IL

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!
Good thing I decided to check the blog after all these weeks! I see you made it safe and sound and that things are moving at the routine medical pace...slow!! Patience is a virtue or so they say. I don't think Uncle Larry has much virtue in that area yet!
OK keep us posted! We're praying for all of you!
Love, Auntie Maureen