Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Here's the plan...

Today was a long 7 hour test day. We checked Connor in this morning at 9am to St. Mary's Hospital where we headed up to the 6th floor to Nuclear Medicine. He was administered a radioactive sustance that they proceeded to watch travel through his body for 7 hours. This test is called a gastric emptying study. In typical individuals you would see the stomach empty between 20-40% after 1 hour. When we heard from the doctor this evening with results, she was concerned that Connor's emptying was "rapid". In the first hour, Connor's emptying was 80%. By two hours in was 87%. This could be consistent with his symptoms of pain, vomitting and discomfort when having a bowel movement. This is called "Dumping Syndrome."

Because of the results today, we have been told to admit to the hospital tomorrow as an inpatient and he will be observed with his normal feeding schedule. During this observation, they will test his blood glucose levels after each feeding and during the episode. These results should direct the doctors as to the course of treatment if this is dumping syndrome. If it is dumping syndrome then we will travel down a different course than originally planned. If it is not, then we will continue with the plan which is following through with Upper GI's, Lower GI's, Lab work, and x-rays all done under sedation on Thursday at the hospital. We will definately know more tomorrow, so for tonight we will hold off on posting the pictures of the day. We must let Connor get to sleep and us too because we will board the hospital shuttle at 6:30am. We will have computer access tomorrow so we will post pictures and information there. Please continue your prayers. We definately came here to get on the right path and to find out answers. How we have hoped and prayed for a miracle of healing, but maybe it is a diagnosis that we will recieve. It's all still in the Lord's very capable hands.

For tonight, Lovebug Hugs,


hjoy said...

Keeping Connor in our prayers

Richele said...

Each day is bringing you closer to the answers you need. Tiring and frstrating at times but worth it all! And my prayers for Connor won't stop until they are no longer needed.

Shawn said...

Connor is fortunate to have two that fight on his behalf and love him a such enormous hearts...He who began a good work in Him (and you) will be faithful to complete it!

Sky said...

continued prayers for Connor!!!! Big Bug hugs Sheila and Sky

Anonymous said...

Hey Lori,
I obviously have not looked at your blog in awhile. The kids are adorable! Please know we will be praying for you guys. Praying for quick answers and for healing for Connor!

Anonymous said...

Good luck. We are keeping you all in our prayers. We have added you to our prayer chains as well. Let's hope that you all get some good answers.


Steph and Christopher in IL

Heather Bennett said...

praying praying praying!

We know God's answers will come in whatever way HE chooses and trust that we will begin to see them quickly.

Love you!
Auntie Heather #2

Kathy said...

Please know that your "family" at LifeSpring are consistently in prayer for all of you at this critical time for Connor.
Love & prayers, Kathy Carter

Little Bug said...

hi daddy and mama and connor,
we just wanted to tell you that we
love you sooooooooooooo much and miss you a whole bunch.
it's me mackenzie and you know what
today i had a bowl of?????????????
can you guess? heehee
connor i miss you soooooooo much even abbey dog is missing you he isn't as happy when i play with him.
i sure have been praying for you
every time i eat and when i go to
nightnight. i can hardly wait until
i hear the door open and hear your
it's me alex little peanut i sure
miss my hugs and loves but oh mama
i get so excited when i get my
special milk from you i always know. daddy i sure miss my airplane
rides so you be sure to give them
to connor from me ok
we're trying to keep a close watch
on things for you but you know
we're still kinda little.
thank you for our surprises we know
you wrapped them in a whole bunch of love we can feel your kisses even if you are far away.
we better go now cause we've got lots to do to hold down the fort we heard somebody say that one time
heehee please look over our mistakes cause you know we're just little i've been sayng ohoh alot.
always remember now jesus loves you
very much just like boz says whereever you are near or far god loves you and so do we.
connor have a good sleepy sleep and
just think you'll be home with us
pretty soon do you feel my kisses on your head? here they come xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
share some with mama and daddy too
lots of love machenzie and alex

Anonymous said...

Playdate with Kinzer...too short and very sweet. I was going to post pics on the blog, but alas, I will send them to your email. There is one video shot of her coming down the slide...and of course not the normal way...she's a daring one. Where in the world did you get here outfit...too cute!! I am hoping to drop by tomorrow and pick her up for another playdate. I think I might eat her up.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Your in our prayers. Were praying that the doctor's will have answers for you, and that they will be able to help him. We pray for your strengh also. Sound like MacKenzie and Alex are have fun, but I'm sure missing there Mommy & Daddy.