Thursday, April 27, 2006

Another day of no change...

Today has come and gone without any progress for Connor. His fever is still high with no known source. The docs realize they need to look in other directions at this point to help bring relief to Connor. They will present him tomorrow am with the cardia docs and with the surgical team for any new ideas. Our primary doc mentioned today that they may consider doing a Cath Lab which is a catheter that goes in through the groin and feeds up into the heart to look around and check pressures and see specific things. This may shed some light on Connor's situation, but once again, there are no promises. What frustrating uncertainty we are facing at the current moment. Our emotions are running high here and our patience seems to be waning. Please pray that God will increase our strength and our trust in Him.

Goodnight and Lovebug Hugs,
Randy, Lori & Little Bug


Anonymous said...

We will continue to pray with uttermost AUTHORITY!!

Anonymous said...

Jesus, Jesus
increase their strength tonight! Lord, bring down Connor's fever and give the doctors new and fresh wisdom. Lord hold them in your arms tonight and give them such a peace that only comes from you. Renewed strength in the morning and healing for little bugs body!!! Jesus, you are soooo faithful.
Love, Sue & Randy

Anonymous said...

Lori, Randy and Sweetest Angel from GOD; Friday is another day that I and all of GOD'S people will be "Standing on the PROMISES of GOD" !!! I claim Jeremiah 29:11 Only HE knows the plans !!!Lots of Love ofelia Ayala

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that Connor has not improved, and I hope that his fever breaks and there is some improvement for him today. My thoughts and prayers continue.

Anonymous said...

Lord Jesus,

We are praying and believing that Conner will be touched by Your healing hand today. We pray that You will give Little Bug's doctors the insight they need to figure out what is going on inside of his tiny body.

Lord, I also pray that You will lift Lori and Randy up during this trying time. Give them renewed strength and hope. In Your name, Amen.

dad and mom said...

Good Morning Lori and Randy and precious Connor, it's kinda early and it's just getting light out side. When I walked through the kitchen and looked out the window there was Mt. Rainer so clear and you know how that mountain speaks to us of the presence of the Lord I came up stairs to turn on the computer and I can hear the birds singing so much and I keep thinking of Psalms 121 I know that the verses have been shared so many times but they are so what's in my heart,
I will lift up my eyes to the mountains; from whence shall my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. He will not allow your foot to slip; he who keeps you will not slumber. Behold, He who keeps Israel will neither slumber or sleep. The Lord is your keeper; the Lord is your shade on your right hand. the sun will not smite you by day, nor the moon by night. The Lord will protect you from all evil; He will keep your soul. The Lord will guard your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forever.
Right now it's brighter outside than it was when I got up and this is how we will pray today that God will bring a light to the doctors eyes for Connor and that they will see the things that have been hidden from their eyes.
Oh Lord as a dad and a mom and grandpa and grandma we want so much to do something but we can't help us to trust you because your love and care far goes beyond what we could ever do, Lord thank you that you here our prayers and we praise you for this new day we ask that you show yourself strong to Randy and Lori and that you minister healing to our precious Connor Lord we know you are a mighty God thank you.
We love you Connor our little lovebug and also your mama and daddy very much to the last number and back again and clear to the moon :) we'll talk to you later ok
Love dad and mom xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Auntie Maureen said...

Lori, Randy, and Little Bug
I can imagine your patience are running thin. My heart is frustrated for what you are experiencing. Please dear Lord, open the eyes of the docs so they can have clear vision on Connor. We ask for wisdom for them and for all of us who love Connor, Lori, and Randy so we will have the right words at the right time to build them us.
And most of all God bring healing to little bug and patience and encouragement to Lori and Randy. You are the Creator and for this we will forever praise You.
Randy and Lori, I love you both so much. Connor-bug you are my favorite little baby bug in the whole world.
Peace to you all,
Auntie Maureen

Auntie Heather Milliren said...

Randy, Lori & Connor~

Oh, how we are praying for some relief, strength and the right direction today. Our hearts ache for the emotional and physical drain on the three of you. We may go for a short drive to view our "mountain" up here in Mt. Vernon. Mt. Baker must be goregous this morning as the sun is shining so bright today. Oh, how we will lift our eyes up to the mountain and praise the Lord for His mighty healing hand. We pray that when Grandpa Bruce gets here tonight that he will have a great update on Connor's health.

We love you,

Auntie Heather, Brayden and Bergen Luke

Lisa Poe said...

Dear Lori, Randy and Connor,We are praying for added strength and comfort today for you all . You know God does not expect us to understand why things have gone and are going the way they are. Our minds are not like God's . One thing he does ask is that we TRUST him. God's grace his perfect and it can and will carry you through this time of trials. Take care and I pray God's blessings and his healing touch on littlebug.

Anonymous said...

Randy, Lori, and Conner,
I feel so bad that the three of you must go through all of this. Sometimes it is so hard to understand what God has in mind. Although it is comforting to know that He understands what he is doing.
I'm praying that things take a turn for the better for all three of you. One day I pray you'll look back at this and just see it as a long past mountain the three of you climbed successfully together.
I pray that God gives all of you a renewed strength and brings out the sunshine in all 3 of your hearts and bodies.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lori & Randy
Checking the blog at work and sorry to see there's not been any change. I understand how frustrating and tiring this is for you and your families. We all just continue to pray for wisdom and insight for Connor's doctors. Please God give us a breakthrough for little bug. Uphold Lori & Randy with your everlasting arms. We all hold you up when you are growing weary. So many prayers are being said for you. I woke at 1:00 a.m. and again at 4:00 a.m. with Connor on my heart and prayed for all of you and I know God is putting you on the hearts of many around the clock. Psalm 121 has been shared by your folks already today and that was also my scripture to share so I know God is speaking. Thank you so much for keeping us all posted so we know how to pray. I do hope, Lori, that you are saving all this journaling so you can look back on it one day when this is all behind and see how God has worked. We all love you.

Heidi Denessen said...

Hi Lori, Randy and Connor,
We are thinking of you - all comforting and peacful thoughts... we hope you can feel them.
Love Heidi, Ron and Oscar

Anonymous said...

Oh how precious it is to have such a beautiful support of people surrounding you with love, prayer, and hope that can only comes from our loving heavenly Father. Keep that hope alive in your hearts, even in the midst of what appears hopeless and as David did when all seemed hopeless for him and his followers were turning against him, "he strengthened himself or encouraged himself in the Lord", the only safe place to be.
Our prayers are with you, as you walk this very difficult faith journey, for God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble!! He holds all of you in the palm of his hand. Focus on that comforting thought, in Jesus name.

Emery six said...

When Brent was at one of his lowest points, a number of people met together at the hospital and we had one big pray meeting. Shortly afterwards, things turned around for us. I would invite some of Randy and Lori's family and friends to set something up. I would invite people to fast as well on his behalf. I will try to make the prayer meeting if someone can coordinate it. Where two are more are "gathered" in his name, he answers with power.

Debi said...

We praise the Lord on this beautiful day and ask that he lay his hands upon Little Bug....bring him rest and take away the fever...we ask that the doctors all working together find some answers and help for Connor...bringing PEACE
We know God is in control and we must trust in him...

I pray for a AWESOME day for all of you...

Blessing to the Little Bug, mommy and daddy

Amy Reems(Norwood) said...

Randy, Lori, and litle Connor,
My heart aches for you during this time of struggling with Connor's health. I can't begin to imagine the pain & heartache you are feeling right now but I do know that our God is a big God & he is capable of doing ANYTHING, including healing your Little Bug! I pray that God will not only hold Connor close to Him at this very moment but that He will hold you extra close. Connor is the sweetest looking Little Bug I've ever seen!
Love & Prayers,
Gary & Amy Reems(Norwood)

Candy Bennett said...

Dear Lori, I'm praying today for you! So many are crying out to the Lord on your behalf. He has not forgotten you - he has not abandoned you - he is IN you! You carry around with you daily, moment by moment the living God! You are filled with the Spirit of God and you can be confident that He IS strength, He IS peace, He IS patience, He IS wisdom...and because he "IS" you "have" all you need. One of my favorite scriptures is where God says, "Be still - and know that I am God." Did you know that we tend to think of this scripture as God telling us to be peaceful - sit and quietly ponder that he is God...instead the word used there for "be still" is the same word used when God says "ENOUGH"!!! It is an emphatic command. God is saying "Enough...know that I am God!" When we are in the middle of a horrible situation our emotions and our feelings and our thoughts tend to become confused, unfocused and even chaotic. God says when that when you're in the middle of ALL that...stop! Enough! Know that I am God! That one truth supercedes all aspects of life. I know it's easy to say and harder to live BUT that doesn't make it any less true. Today Lori, KNOW that he is God!

We love you! We're praying! God WILL do what is best.

Love, Candy Bennett

Anonymous said...

Dear Lori, Randy and Little Connor,
We hope and pray that you are having a much easier day today. That Connor's fever has passed and the doctors have found a positive course of action.
We pray all three of you get some rest and peace today.

Christine, Randy and Family

Teresa said...

Lori & Randy,

Thinking of you all today. Hoping the news tonight will be better & that the doc's have some insight as to what is going on.


We know you love us. Please lord, Give Connor peace & rest tonight. Break this stubborn fever & help his body heal. Grant the doctor's absolute wisdom & knowledge as to how to help little Connor. We ask this in Jesus Name. Amen.

We love you all and especially the cutest little bug in the world!

Love, Auntie Teresa