Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Docs are perplexed on every side!!!!!!!

So much for waking up to a better day!!! Connor had an incredibly rough night. He was close to being reintibated with the ventulator, but he did escape this intrution by a mere sliver as his breathing improved just a tad!!! Since 2am he has had a fever of around 104.5 and it has only dropped a degree or two since then. He is burning up on the inside, but he is cold to the touch on the outside. His little arms are just laying out flat and he looks exhausted. His heart rate is also continuing to be high in the 190's and his breathing is fast and labored, but suprisingly, he is tolerating it and is only on the c-pap.

After meeting with the docs today, they have plans for more blood cultures and more of the normal testing for these pesky fevers. They are concerned and they came right out and said today that they are perplexed because they can't find the source of his discomfort. They are frustrated because his X-rays look terrible for his lungs. His white blood count is extremely elevated which shows there's an infection somewhere, but they can't find it. His fevers are out of control. They would have expected improvement in Connor after having the PA Band surgery, but instead they see no improvement and he actually looks worse. They can't make sense of this clavical bone issue because it seems to go back at least 6 weeks, even though it was just detected on Saturday. They are so perplexed and this is worrysome to me and to them. What course of action do you take when you really don't know what to do????? Where do you look when you really don't know what is wrong?????

Today I will meet with a pulmonologist (lung doc) to discuss further observations from their perspective. They are considering an MRI, but they aren't convinced he needs it just yet. There are more tests to consider, but as of the moment, they are just planning to keep him comfortable today with extra sedation and try to get this fever under control.

Please lift up little bug before our Lord today. He needs healing in his body so desperately and he needs to find peaceful rest. May the Lord touch him with a miracle this day!!! How we need you Lord!!!!

Lovebug Hugs,


Heather Bennett said...

Oh God, Clarify the minds of the doctors. Bring supernatural wisdom that even they would be amazed at. Bring discernment FAST please! We don't want this precious little bug to suffer or tire out for one more moment. Please hear our prayers and answer quickly. We know that your timing is perfect and will wait on you, but our prayers are for immediate wisdom for doctors and healing for Connor.

Lori, Hang in there. I know God knows what, how and when He is doing things. Just remember, I am confident that your little "Cuddle Bug" is being cuddled right now in the very arms of God.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lori,
I am soooo sorry to hear this update. It must be so tough to be on this "roller coaster ride" of all the uncertains. I think you are amazing and we know that it is "His peace that surpasses all understanding!" That God for His peace and for His healing. Connor is such a fighter, at least this is one thing that is for certain! I will pray for a great outcome with your meeting with the Lung specialist. We will also pray that they will be able to detect where this infection is coming from so they can take the right and most effective steps.

Once again, please know that there is an army around you and your family holding up your arms when you have no strength left to give. DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, give up..........the battle has not been won!
Love and prayers
Tammy and James

Anonymous said...

Lord Jesus, I pray right now for little Conner. Touch his weary little body and give him renewed strength. Touch Lori and Randy and let them know that you are with them throughout this whole ordeal holding them close to you.


Dad & Mom said...

Connor, we lift you up in prayer right now so that your little body will be healed. We also pray for the doctors that God would reveal to them just what the problem is, and that they would know how to fix it!

Lori & Randy, just know that we never stop praying for Connor and for you two.

Remember, there is nothing to difficult for God, and he still knows all about the problems that you are going through.

Love, Dad & Mom

Aunt & Sister Teresa said...

Lori & Randy,

I wanted to type a couple of verses. It is too long. Read Isaiah 40:28-31.

We too are praying for you & holding Connor up in prayer daily. We love you all.

Lord Jesus,

I pray for healing in Connor's body. I ask that you give the Doctor's a new set of eye's to see what is the root of Connor's problem. Give fresh annointing to all those who are helping Connor fight this battle. I ask for renewed hope & strength in Randy & Lori today. We know you are our source of strength & power. We give you the glory. Amen

Please know that I am only a phone call away & that I will hop in my car so quickly if you just want company. For ANYTHING, to laugh, talk or a shoulder to cry on.

Randy, You've gone mountain climbing before. You know it is tough & sometimes the climb seems sooo hard. You alway's made it to the top. No matter how hard the climb you never gave up. That is what Little bug is doing. He must have gotten that spirit from both you & Lori. What great parent's he has.

Love & Continued prayer, Teresa

Emery six said...

Do they have him on antibiotics? When Brent was having uncontrolled pain, they diagnosed it as a septic infection. They put him on antibiotics and the problem went away.

Wow! You are enduring more than we ever had to. You must be exhausted along with poor Connor.

Dear Lord, we cry out to you for deliverance. Show us the power of your great Name. Help, O Lord, help! In Jesus Name,

Lynette Maulin said...

Dear Lord,

Precious little Connor so desperately needs a miracle TODAY that flows from your hand right into his entire body. Bring healing to his body and give him peaceful rest. Amen

Anonymous said...

Lord, we are asking for a miracle this day. You are so faithful and we know that you are right there with little Connor and his Daddy & Mommy. Jesus, give them all peaceful rest tonight and guide the doctors hands and minds to find the source of the infection. Jesus, we need a miracle today!

Sue & Randy

Tammy and Parker said...

Your beautiful little Connor sounds like he is experiencing so many of the things that our Parker has. We will add your family to our prayers. Connor and Parker are fighters! Keep your faith strong!

Much Love,

Tammy and Parker

Debi said...

We pray that Jesus puts his healing hands on Connor...giving him the rest he needs...washes the fevers away and helps the doctors see what they can do to help Connor..
Lord we ask for rest for this family....please give them PEACE...

We will be praying for Connor

Love to the Bug...


Anonymous said...

Hey Connor!
I'm a student in your Uncle Brian Millirens class. My name is Shelby. And I am praying for you every night. And I know that some of my friends are too. I think about you everyday and wonder how your doing. Then I go to your blog and read about you. I really hope your going to make it through this. And I just want you to put your trust in God's hands and he'll take care of you. I pray every night for him to heal you and I know many more are too. I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you along with many others.

Love and hope,

Shelby Lira

Tara Blanchard said...

Oh Lord, You know exactly where Little Bugs infection is, and You know exactly how to treat it. PLEASE give the Doctors and Connor's parents the information they need to get him out of this pain, AND to ease Lori, Randy, and the rest of his family's anguish. Lord, I beg of You, have mercy and grace on them. I know You love them, and they love you. We are ALLLLL so confused about this. And for this to go on for 8 plus weeks.... When will it end Lord? When can this precious baby boy, and loving parents, go home to be a family? Please hear our prayers.
We love you and continue to be devoted in prayer.

In Your precious name, Jesus, Amen.