Friday, April 28, 2006

Fever Broke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Praise the Lord for answered prayer. Today was a positive day for Connor. The fever came down to around 99.5 for the majority of the day. He had a couple of episodes early this morning, but after that he was happy and peaceful and off the c-pap until 7:oo tonight. He enjoyed his visit from Auntie Kathy, cousin Kacie and Grandma R. Everyone had their turn to hold and snuggle him and he loved every minute of it.

Our meeting with the docs was very revealing today. The pulmonologist came in with the head cardiac doc and we had quite a discussion about Connor and his present condition. In short, the decision was that this has more to do with Connor's lungs than with his heart. Apparently, Connor is doing something called "air trapping". This is where he takes a breath and without exhaling takes another breath on top of it and then another still. His chest and heart area are enlarged because he is over-inflating his lungs. They plan on changing his current diaretic medicine to a new one and discontinuing one of his antibiotics in hopes that his fevers may cease. They will then begin to give him powerful steroids to bring down the over-inflation and give him some relief. We are so hopeful that this may get to the bottom of his lung disease and bring Connor some peace in his breathing. We are thankful that the docs had new and fresh insight today and that we have a new course of action. We are concerned about the steroid (prednazone..sp???) and we hope that this is not a lifelong course we will have to follow with Connor.

Just before coming up to write the blog Connor slipped into another episode and his temp started rising again. He had a decent sized blood clot come out in his poopy diaper and they are going to check that out now as well.

Dear Lord, please stop the cycle. Allow Little Bug to feel the relief that he felt at the beginning of the day and hold him close to your heart.

Lovebug Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Little Connor, Mommy and Daddy.
We hope you had a restful evening. What good news...exactly what we prayed for!! A break in fever AND a new course of action. God is listening to our prayers.
Love the pictures. You have a special family.

All is well here in the neighborhood. Let us know if we can help w/Abbey.

Thinking of all of you.
Christine,Randy and Family

Auntie Heather Milliren said...



Tanna & Kenny McGill said...

Hi Little Bug!
I was just looking at your photos and you are just the most handsome little bug I have ever seen :)
You sure can tell your family loves you so very much. I am so happy that you got some snuggle time with your mommy and daddy! You stay strong Little Bug and know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers...

Lord Jesus,
Thank you for giving the doctor's the wisdom to see a different course of treatment for Connor. We know that Connor is cradled in your loving arms and we pray for continuing guidance to his doctors and for peace to Connor's mom and dad. Thank you Jesus for being the rock we can lean on during times of hardship and struggle...Amen
Tanna and Kenny McGill
Shelton, WA

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lord for the broken fever!

Jesus we pray for another miracle today!

Randy & Lori,
the pictures are priceless. He is so adorable.
Love, Sue & Randy

JoAnn Collins said...

Lori & Randy
So glad for the good news from Friday. Glad your little bug finally had a good day and a rest from that fever. Thankful too, that the Docs seem to be getting some fresh insight for your little guys treatment. Those are both things for which to be very thankful as answers to what we've all been praying. We pray for more and more of these good days ahead. The pics are great. Connor is blessed to have such a loving family surrounding him. He is going to have so much fun growing up with such a great family. Love you! Jo Ann & Rip