Friday, May 19, 2006

Daddy's on his way home!!!!!!!!

Look who is helping Daddy find his way over the north's littlebug hiding in my HUD!!!!!!!
.....Oh and now littlebug is telling Daddy to watch out for those nasty little green spots on the radar screen so I don't hit any thunderstorms......I thinks littlebug wants Daddy to get home soon!
Littlebug and Dad have flown all over the world together....Germany, Turkey, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Greece, Spain......but Daddy is on his way home now and can't wait to get there!!!!
....see how determined he is.....with Littlebug near his heart all the way!!.....mach .76....but Littlebug keeps telling me to push it up Dad and get home....Ok goes... I'll push those throttles to the stop!


Tara Blanchard said...

I was just about to post another verse that came to me today and caught the pictures that you just posted. ...they brought me to tears.
I apologize for never really focusing on you and your struggles as Connors father, especially from such a distance. I know that you love, worry about, and miss him SO much. And I know that you feel HELPLESS in trying to "fix" what is happening. But when I think about you guys, my maternal instinct kicks in and I go for Lori's position, for it's the one that I know best. THOUGH, I have to share, that my husband is ALWAYS asking about how YOU are doing, and prays for YOU, because you are who HE relates to. So even though a majority of my postings are focused on Connor and Lori, rest assured that there are just as many thoughts and prayers concerning you, and your position as father, husband, and leader of your family, from my husband (and I'm confident from many other husbands of fellow "blogers" reading this site too. :))
Thank you for your amazing photos, for loving your family the way you do, for having such a strong faith in our Lord, and for courageously serving our country.

In all sincerity,
Tara Blanchard, and family
(Bonney Lake, WA)

PS- Oh! The other verse that I was going to share was...Your heavenly Father knows your needs. He will always give you l you need from day to day, if you make the Kingdom of God your primary concern. -Luke 12:30-31 ;) Hold on to this promise.

dad and mom #2 said...

Welcome Home Randy
My how we love you and miss you when you are away. All I can say is that your pictures speak so beautifully of your love. As your second mom I just had to say I love you. I was on the computer when your entry came on and it was such a surprise to see you and your littlebug, yes all I could do was cry. It just made me so happy for Lori and Connor. I just wish Lori would have been on the computer to see you pop up see I've told you you're just like Peter Pan and tigger. Your coming home is such a gift to Lori and Connor. Thank you Lord for bringing Randy home safely.
We Love you Randy
Love dad and mom number 2 :)

Auntie Heather Milliren said...

Welcome home Randy~

Way to go Air Force! Your pictures are so charming. I am sure this will bring a much needed smile to Lori's face. It sounds like things have been more than challenging in your absence. I know it must be hard to leave your two favorite people. Thank you for being willing to serve our country. Last Saturday, when we were at the Korean War Memorial, I thought of your service when I read this quote: "Freedom is not free." Thank you Randy for your sacrifice. And, thank you Lord for protecting my brother-in-heart/law.


Auntie Heather

ofelia said...

Randy, I was emotionally moved by your pictures it portrays so much dedication to your country. But, what it mostly articulates is your love and devotion to your lovely wife and your precious gift from GOD, Conner!! WHAT A WAY TO HONOR OUR LORD who has blessed you with such a nice family. You truly are a man your parents should be proud of.
Ofelia Ayala

Anonymous said...

You were right! These pictures are the best blessing in the world for you!! What creativity!
Love, Maureen

Anonymous said...


Maulin Family said...

Welcome back home Randy! We loved all the pictures with you and little bug flying around the world together. We know that your sacrifice is great right now and we just want to say Thank You. Freedom for our country is definately not free. See you all soon. Gary, Lynette, Zachary, Lucas and Savannah Maulin

Emery six said...

What beautiful heartwarming pictures Randy, you are so creative and Lori must have been absolutely tickled to see your blog entries!!!!!! I saw the pictures earlier and had to log back on to have a second look!

John heard back from Patrick Miller at Focus on the Family, he personally read Lori's Mother's Day blog entry and was touched. He sent reference to Psalm 103:13 and said they would pray together with their staff specifically for Connor.

I hope we will see you this weekend when Brent is inpatient at the hospital.

Lots of love and support from,

Susan and family

Teresa Denessen & family said...

Awesome pictures Randy! Welcome back home!

Love, Ted, Teresa, Chloe, Emma & (big buddy) Jake!!!

Tammee said...

Randy how great it is that you are back home to love on Lori and Conner- you are a wonderful family and we love and miss you.
God bless Little bug!
Tammee, Howard, Austin, and Baby Michael in heaven

Debi said...

These pictures are awesome how neat...We are all happy that you made this journey safely and shared these wonderful pictures....We have an awesome God and he takes us on some wild rides however from these pictures show us you do some of those on your own huh!!!!(with his presents)

Bless you and welcome home ....
Hope that you have gotten some family time this weekend....

Hugs to your Little Guy....


Brenda said...

Randy: What great pictures! I'm not sure that I can add anything that the other bloggers haven't already said, but do know that you and your service to our country is so appreciated! Yes, it's "cool" that you're a pilot and all that stuff, but it's even more cool (insert any number of adjectives that fit here) that in the face of adversity - both home and abroad - that you are standing firm and fighting for what you believe in. We so appreciate and love you!

Blessings to you, Lori and Little Bug Connor!