Sunday, May 14, 2006

A letter to my firstborn son on Mother's Day...

Mama & Little Bug snuggling on Saturday afternoon.

Mother's Day Morning......Oh Little Bug, you and your daddy are sooooo sneaky!!!

Mama & Little Bug kissin' away.......

Good Morning Son. Do you realize that today as I awoke to the morning light and a sky filled with sunshine, that my first thoughts were of you? My thoughts were filled with memories of the day you were born and how, in that instant, you gave me the greatest gift a woman could ever receive…the gift of Motherhood. On that day, January 11th, 2006 you bestowed upon me the title of mother and because of that I will have all the rights and privileges that other mothers have received for ages. The biggest privilege is celebrating Mother’s Day. A day that is set aside for children to honor their moms and to rise up and call them blessed!!

WOW, my first Mother’s Day!!! It seems like I’ve waited all my life to be a mom, and now that I am your mama I can’t even remember what life was like before you were born. I know I had a life that was full of adventures with your daddy and full of fun times with our wonderful family, but now I can’t recall what the days were like without you. I feel like I’ve been your mama forever. I feel like my heart has loved you for all of eternity and you are only 4 months old. What joy you bring to my heart Little Bug. How I wish I could spare you the pain that you are going through right now in this hospital. I want to scoop you up and take you home and teach you about life in the safety of our home with Daddy and Mama by your side.

I want to thank you Little Bug for teaching me about love. And to think that I thought I knew a lot about love, boy was I kidding myself. I must say that you have captured my heart in a way that not even your daddy can, and he love me a lot. You have a way of sneaking right under the skin of my heart and crawling into the most tender place in my beating chest and nestling your little heart right against mine. How I love to watch you and to see the twitching of your fingers and the way your hand grasps unto my fingers. You speak so loudly when you say nothing at all and my heart feels the depth of your silent message. It whispers to me, I love you Mama. And when I hear it, I melt from the inside out. I am delighted that I was the one hand picked by God to be your Mama.

I promise to protect you from all of the harm that tries to come your way. I promise to teach you about Jesus and how his love for you is never ending. I promise to give you every opportunity to grow in knowledge and to experience all that life has to offer you. I promise to love your daddy with all my heart so that you can learn about love in the sweetest and truest form. I promise to live my life as a woman who fears the Lord and who always seeks to honor Him in my actions. I promise to play games with you and giggle and laugh and tell imaginative stories at bedtime. I promise to tuck you in at night and wish upon the stars with you. I promise to buy you a fish at the fair when you walk past the tank and just can’t resist bringing Little Nemo home. I promise to eat ice cream until it melts all over our laps in the summer time. I promise to catch bugs with you and put them in glass jars for daddy to see. I promise to raise you up to be a big strong boy and a mighty man of God one day.

Little Bug, you do bring out the best in me and I love you with all of my heart. You bring me great joy and deep fulfillment. Oh the wonder of motherhood. It is already, at moments, too much for me to grasp, but I want you to know that today, on my 1st Mother’s Day I am feeling blessed to be your mom. Thanks for the snuggles yesterday during nap time. Thank you for my 1st Mother’s Day card and my gorgeous “Mom” pendant. I will wear it with pride. You tell your daddy that he is very sneaky to have arranged all the pictures and surprises on your bed with you this morning. Thanks honey, you made today extra special. Goodnight Little Bug, you are the son I have always wanted and I will love you forever and ever. It is with pride that I say I am your Mom.

Lovebug Hugs,


Maureen said...

Dear Fellow Bloggers,
Lori's messages have touched our souls and her Little Bug has become our own. I feel we need to unite together in Christ on behalf of "our" Little Bug and this precious family. A lot decisions will be made about Connor in the medical arena this week. He will be undergoing more test starting Monday. His journey has seemed to last quite a while(77 days I believe) with no clear answers to what is causing all the distress. He has endured one thing after another. Can I ask everyone out there to pray on Monday May 15. As you go about your day please take time to lift Connor up to our Father. If you feel lead to fast please do so on behalf of Connor. Right now is a critical time for this family and we being the family of God need to stand up for them and fill the gap when they feel exhausted. I have been thinking about this for a while and thank you RaeAnn for prompting me to do this. I have gotten Lori's blessing on this also.
I feel we need to concentrate on 4 areas.
1. Pray for Connor. Pray for relief from the pain he is experiencing. Pray for healing and no lasting effects of any medication or testing he has experienced. Pray that he can just be a typical 4 month old Little Bug that loves to snuggle with Mama and Daddy.
2. Pray for the Doctors. Pray for wisdom and a clear vision on what needs to happen for Connor. Give them fresh knowledge on where to go from here.
3. Pray for Randy. Pray for his safety and for a peace of mind as he is not able to be with his family right now. Pray his mission will go smoothly and he will be able to contact Lori on a regular basis and be home before we know it.
4. Pray for Lori. Pray that she will renew her strength and calm her fears. Give her peace in her heart mind and soul. Help her continue to be the faithful servant she has been to those around her. Give her rest so she will be the best Mama in the world to her precious Little Bug.
I want to thank all of you on behalf of this wonderful family for your faithfulness in reading the blog and posting comments. You have been such a source of strength to them during some pretty tough times. It is such a comfort to them to feel your love though your comments.
Please lift these request up to the Lord Monday May 15th. Pray during meal time, Pray at night time, Pray through out the day, Lets pray without ceasing. Let's make Monday May 15th our little national day of prayer for Connor.
Thank you so very much,
Auntie Maureen

Aunt Teresa said...


Wow, That letter to Connor brought tears to my eyes. Just beautiful. I hope you had a good day of reflection today from the time that Connor was born until today be it at home or at the hospital, He is a joy to all of us. Love & prayers, Teresa

Debi said...

What a special day you had and a surprise those husband and sons can be sneaky huh!!
Maureen I so agree with your prayer request this is awesome we will be praying today for is amazing I am teaching preschool this morning at church (someone has a field trip with there child) so we will have all our little ones pray today they love to hear stories and pray for little ones....

The pictures are precious....

Please know my family has grown to just love this little bug we all check your blog and pray for him we will be with you today....

Peace be with you today...


Anonymous said...


That was the most touching letter I think I have ever read. You summed up what I feel as the mother of my two girls but never knew how to put into words. Lori, you are a blessing!!!! I've been praying all day for you, Randy and Little Bug and will pray again tonight with my daughters.