Monday, May 15, 2006

Keep Praying!!!!!!!

I want to thank the army of God for continuing to pray on Little Bug's behalf. Today lended a small bit of info, but not enough to be conclusive. When Connor went in for his first procedure, they were able to see that his tummy surgery, the Nissen, has slipped and isn't working as it should. They couldn't conclude from what they saw that it is reflux, but all roads lead to that destination. They have suggested a nuclear medicine test that will most likely, be done tomorrow. Connor also needed to go into the OR again today to receive a central IV access line. The docs felt that not having IV access to him when he goes into his episodes was dangerous and so they felt that this was the right decision. I must say that the central line makes me nervous because it is a real place for infections to grow. However, I must trust that our prayers for wisdom are being answered and the docs do know best. When We kissed Little Bug goodbye at the entrance to the OR my heart already ached for his return. After about an hour and a half they called and said they were able to get the line, but they did have to put the ventulator back in. Because of Connor's poor respitory status they had to put the breathing tube in for additional support. Since he will remain intibated for a couple of days, the docs have suggested that we go ahead and do the MRI and CT scan that have been talked about for a while. Once again, I have to trust that this is an answer to all of our prayers and that wisdom is being exhibited on the side of the docs. Our prayer is that tomorrow will be another day of fresh wind and clear revelation for a plan for Little Bug.

Oh, by the way, Herman jumped out from underneath Little Bug's blanket this evening and he told me that Connor was a very brave boy in the OR. He said there was singing and peace that filled the room when I was absent from him. Oh how glad I am that Herman is a constant presence with Little Bug.

Thank you again for your prayers. Keep praying for more answers to come our way!!!!!

Lovebug Hugs,

PS ~ Thanks for coming today Mom R. It was nice to have your company during the many hours of waiting.


Anonymous said...

Little Bug-

Wow! It sounds like you had a very busy day. I'm glad Herman was with you. You are a precious little piece of heaven Connor!

I know that it was your prayer day today but if it's all right with you I'm going to make it Connor's prayer WEEK at my house.

Tell momma that she is one GREAT lady! You are very blessed to have her and daddy as your parents. Jesus loves you very, very, very much. Hugs and kisses sweet one.

Jacqueline Hendrickson said...

You have all been in our hourly prayers today and we will continue tonight.
Our Lord's love endures forever and I know that He does hear our requests and he will be faithful to answer.
No fear my friend. I pray for your strength and perspective on this whole time in your life.
I love you forever,

Auntie Maureen said...

Dear Fellow Bloggers,
Thank you so much for your faithfulness to our Little Bug. God is faithful and we sing our praises out to Him. Yes Lord we know our knowledge is limited and our timing isn't Yours, but You do hear our prayers and are faithful to us. Hold little Connor in your arms tonight and touch his little body with Your healing touch. Give the Doctors wisdom on what to do next. Keep Randy safe and give him peace. Comfort Lori with peace and give her strength to continue on her journey as Connor's best Mama. We praise you Lord for who You are and we know your Promises are true.
In the precious Name of Jesus, Amen

Thank you to everyone who has held up Randy, Lori, and Connor today in our special prayer focus. We so appreciate each and every one of you. I know our entire family feels so blessed that you have all embraced our Little Bug into your life. Keep up the great work mighty warriors of God!

Auntie Maureen

Tara Blanchard said...

We're still here. Just had to leave town there for a while, but now we're back and made sure to quickly check in on Little Bugs status. We've been praying throughout the day, and will continue to do so.
Just remember, you are SOOOOoooo not alone. Your entire family is submerged in prayer. :) Our hearts are with you tonight. God bless you, and may He hold you all so very tight as you continue through this.
With all our love,
Your family in Christ,
The Blanchards

Teresa said...

Lori & Randy,

Praying for more answers from the doctor's tomorrow. God is faithful & he will see you through. Know that we will never stop praying & you are most definately NOT Alone. We feel your pain & your joy when things happen...that is the beauty that God created in us all. We can never escape it (Praise God)...God is Love & wants us to care for each other....Know that we care for you SO much & lift you in prayer every chance we get.

Prayer is POWERFUL, It is one step closer to answers!!!

Lord, We want answers & a miracle for Little bug!!! We EXPECT you to intervene SOON. Amen.

Hoping to come down towards the end of this week...but will give you a quick call first!!

P.S. Way to go big brother!! Sound's like you really surprised Lori on Mother's day! You romantic you...! I'm so proud to call you brother. I'm praying for peace, comfort & safe return for you also. Love, Tick!!! Ha Ha. Brings back memories Huh...

Anonymous said...

Our hearts and prayers are with you each and every day!
You were the first person I thought of on Mother's Day. I prayed you would be so blessed on your very first one. You articulated your love so beautifully in your letter to Connor. He will have all your wonderful words on paper to look at and remember for the rest of his life.
Thanks for your vulnerability on this blog site! You share your heart and depth with countless people. You are truly an inspiration!

Love and prayers and strength from the Almighty One today!

JoAnn Andro and family

Brennan Bennett said...

Hi Baby Connor. I wonder how you're doing and I really wonder what I can do when you go home. Can I come play with you?
Bye Baby Connor.
Love Brennan

Auntie Teresa said...


This was Emma's prayer last night before bed...I might add I "peeked" (naughty, naughty!!) & she was so very sincere. It touched my heart to the core, the look on her face.

Dear Lord,

I pray for Connor that he would be so much better that he could leave the hospital! I pray for strength...a LOT of strength for Lori & Randy...and then of course she said her usual prayer.! Such a wonderful thing to have come out of a 6 year olds mouth & heart!!

Little Bug, Can you believe you are ministering to 11,000 people. What a Missionary you already are!! You are a Mighty Man of God already & you're only 4 months old!! Auntie Teresa Loves You SOOOOOO Much. I want to come & hold you again soon. Ya gotta get better Kay!!! We know God has you in the palm of his hand. So here we are excersing a lot of trust again. Thank you Lord, For our little bug.

We are continueing to pray whenever you come to mind (which is often)....

We are carring the burden too, remember that...We love you! Teresa

Randy, We are praying daily for your peace, strength & safe return soon. Thank you for your faithful service to us all.

Love & God Bless You, Teresa

Teresa said...

Wow, You sure can tell I hang out with 3 kids all the time.. I meant exercising, continuing & Carrying!! and I said I love spelling in school?!! Oh well, you get the jist!!!

By the way have you worn thongs lately?? You know it is close to summertime Ha Ha....Did ya get the card...I hope. Laughter is good medicine!

Love You ,Teresa

Anonymous said...

Lori, Randy & Connor,

We are rejoicing that there was a little light shown on Connor's situation. Our prayers were with you on and ongoing basis throughout the day yesterday. They continue today. We hope that the MRI and CT brought about new hope for bringing Connor home soon. What a little trooper he is.

The entire Youth Group has been lifting Connor in prayer for weeks now.

We love you and pray God will continue to bring you little miracles that will become a large miracle. OF course his life is already a large miracle.

We love you!
The Webb's

Anonymous said...

We are still praying for break-through in this whole situation. We know that much power comes from much prayer.