Thursday, May 25, 2006

Two wonderful surprises!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was met with the challenge of moving out of the "sleeping room" upstairs and back out to the trailer. Boy, you really don't realize how much "stuff" you can accumulate around here. Connor had an extremely sleepy day today!!! He literally slept the entire day except for about an hour this morning during his 1st real session of physical therapy!!! I just left him at 10:45pm and he's still sleeping. So I guess what they say is true, when babies sleep, they're either growing or healing and Little Bug needs to do both.

This evening was filled with 2 wonderful surprises. First, the pastor that married my parents over 40 years ago stopped in for a visit and a time of prayer. What a fantastic surprise to see Pastor and Mrs. Bruener!!!! You both are truly gems and treasures of our Heavenly Father's heart.....thanks for your encouragement!! Secondly, the "Stars" class, which is 8-9 year old girls, from Westgate Chaple church came with their teacher Jennifer to deliver a big, beautiful basket of goodies and a huge dose of love and smiles. Thanks girls for your prayers for our family and for your willingness to come and be a blessing!!!!

I will write more tomorrow on Connor's progress. I hope to have an answer and results from the biopsy they did last week. For tonight, all is well and our prayers are with Little Bug for a good nights rest and continued healing for his little body!!!

Lovebug Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Connor,
Am thankful that Randy got home safe and sound. Thanks you again for your service to our country. We pray that you will receive GOOD news and that Connor has gone around the bend in the road, so to speak.

Mo's mom and dad

Heather Bennett said...

Good morning! I am so glad to see that you all had a good day yesterday. I am just getting ready for my regular morning prayer time and wanted to check for specific direction on Connor's prayers. We'll be praying for miracles and good answers from the biopsy today as well as rest, peace and joy. I love you so dearly!

Michelle said...

What wonderful surprises! I'm sure they did your heart good.

Debi said...

The pictures of Connor and daddy are precious...he looks so peaceful and sweet...I am so glad you enjoyed the Stars girls coming to see you ...I heard they really enjoyed being there...they are a sweet group of girls with BIG hearts..

Praise the Lord for your wonderful evening of surprises he is so good
and faithful...

Hugs to your Little Bug

the haners said...

Lori ~ you, Susan, and John, have such marvelous gifts of expressing yourselves in such amazing ways which allows others a glimpse into your hearts and souls regarding the woundedness and grief and even loss, in those times you can never recapture with your darling babies, which you have experienced in this very long and difficult journey that you are on.

You each have demonstrated the heartache, questions, despair, hope, and faith, that have been such a testimony of your deep abiding faith and trust in God, which is so inspiring and uplifting to us all. I know it is impacting as it reaches into others hearts, who have had to bear their own personal burdens that were and are beyond human comprehension, yet you have remained true to God, even when you had no human logical answers.

May God bless you for your transparency and williness to share these intimate places of your heart and may you be strengthened and blessed beyond measure as you forge ahead to all that God has for you and your little ones.

Only eternity will tell, all that has been accomplished through you in this journey that you have been called to endure.

May all of you hopes, dreams, and prayers be realized in miraculous and supernatural ways for your little ones, that only God can bring to pass.


the haners said...

P. S. the pictures are adorable!!