Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Very special prayer need.....

Would you take a moment out of your day to bring a very special prayer need before the Lord? One of the pastors that married Randy and I, Pastor Doug Trentham is in the ICU in Tacoma with a very serious case of Menengitis. He needs a dramatic touch of healing in his body and we as the body of Christ need to uphold him in his time of need. He is extremely special to us as he and his family have been in Lori's life since she was 7 years old.

Lord we lift Pastor Doug to you right now. We ask you for a divine intervention in this situation and a peaceful touch from you. We never understand how sickness and disease can so quickly come in and disrupt and rearrange our lives, but you, Oh Lord, are the great physician. Please do a work in Pastor Doug's body. He needs a miracle from you and we trust you in this time for him and his family. We ask you to move quickly on his behalf!!! Amen.

Thanks for your continued prayers!!!
Lovebug Hugs,


Michael's Mom, Tammee said...

My prayers to Pastor Doug- God give him your strength and heal him completely. Amen.
I want to also thank God for his healing over Conner- I am very excited to hear the great news that he has moved out of the ICU unit. My prayers are being answered- he will soon be home with you and Randy in a home full of love and warmth. I think of you every day and miss you!
Give kisses to Conner- Randy, your parents and to you! We love you!

Randy & Cyndi Drake said...

Father God,
We bring your servant Doug Trentham to you this day to request a miracle in his body. You know what he needs to regain his strength. Thank you in advance for your healing touch. By your stripes, we are healed.

Heather Bennett said...

I'll be in prayer.

Brenda said...

Dear Lord, we bring Pastor Doug before you in prayer asking for your divine healing touch. Lord, in his healing may You be fully glorified and honored. Amen!

smz said...

As Lori requested, we stand in agreement in prayer that you touch Pastor Doug's body. You have said that where two or more are gathered in your presence you are there. Here we are two, plus two, plus two, plus two and so it goes. Thank you for bringing people in our lives that impact us and teach us your ways as well as live your ways. Forever grateful that you intertwine us making us a tapestry of love for all the world to see!

Anonymous said...

We ask Oh Lord that you put your healing hands on Pasor Doug touch him. Help his family through this time with peace and comfort knowing you are right there walking through this with them.
Continue to keep your hands upon Connor lifting him high. bringing peace to Randy and Lori giving them the strength they need to endure this adventure..
Bless you Lord

Michelle said...

Will keep him in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori
I have tried to send you a message so many times but I guess it didn't go thru.We have been thinking of you and your little bug every day. We follow the blog to check on how he is doing . He is such a cutie. My girls have been doing the same . we pray that he will get better so that you all can go home.You have such a talent for writing .Please give the little guy a kiss from auntie gracie,julie lori heidi and krissy We love you