Friday, June 02, 2006

WOW!!!! More Pics....

Little Bug right after bath time tonight. He was so warm and snuggly. I think I buried my nose in his neck for about 5 minutes and just took in his wonderful baby smell!!!

I think the Lord had this room hand picked for us....there is a dragonfly bug right in the middle of the floor. Isn't that great!!!

Mama and Occupational Therapist, Gayle after the swallow study!!

Grandma and Little Bug snuggling just before getting his immunizations on Thursday!!

Mama and ICU Nurse Amy having a good victory cry after Little Bug passed his swallow study!! Way to go Connor....

Connor looking at mama in wonder.....or is he looking at his bug balloons????? One can never tell what captivates this child...One thing I know for sure is that he has captivated me!! I love you Little Bug!!

Lori and Julie (from the swallowing study department) and Connor (who isn't very happy at the moment).

Lori, Gayle and Connor right before the big swallowing test....C'mon Little Bug, let's show them what you're made of!!!!

Little Bug napping with his Blue Huggie Bear!!!!

Little Bug all dressed up for his big test. He even wore a Winnie the Pooh hat....We needed a big fat honey bear to be our inspiration for the swallow study.

Little Bug's all strapped in and ready to swallow!!

Cousin Derek and Little Bug....Thanks for always wanting to come and visit me Derek. I love it when you come and hold me. By the way, thanks for that cool little tiny bear, sometimes I use it to help me keep my binki in place....It comes in really handy!!!


Brenda said...

oooohhhh, Such a cutie-patootie!

I love the picture of Connor looking up. He's such a handsome little boy!

Thanks for sharing the pictures. :-)

Anonymous said...


You are a handsome man buddy! It's so great to see new pictures of you. You keep getting stronger and stronger okay bud???

I will keep praying for surgery SOONER rather than later so you can go home with Mommy, Daddy and Abbey.