Monday, July 17, 2006

Back at home and very slow to Blog!!!

Hello all you bloggers....Dad here..and yes we have definitly slowed down on the blogging as you can see! In the past Lori has done most of the posts but Mama's pretty busy this time of year...making 104 tubs of freezer jam...dinners...appointments....taking care of me and littlebug...and the list goes on...she's a busy lady.

So when I checked out the blog this morning and saw the last post on 6 Jul....I figured I better give a little update so here goes an update blog from good ole Pop (remember I'm not the writer in the family so bear with me OK).

Connor is doing quite well for where he's at in life...still needing his heart repaired but overall he is gaining weight and looking very good. He even has baby fat around his knees know...the kind you just have to squeeze and pinch...he actually loves it! Last check he was on his way to 12 lbs!!!!!!!!! And Lori and I can both tell he';s getting fatter because he's getting to be tough to cart around in his car seat..its heavy...but good for the bicep workout!

September is still looking good for the heart repair. Lori and I saw the doc the other day and he seems to be onboard with the first part of September....that's good news.

Connor's PA band is not working the best yet because he needs to grow in to it and doesn't appearing to be doing that fast enough. So Dr Steffinelli put him on another med to regulate the pressure in the lungs.

And one last thing is or should I say "end" thing is Littlebugs little "bum"......I know I know....who would have ever thought of it....Randy talking about my little babies butt.....but here goes....he's got a rash that has been pretty bad so we took him in and the doc's say he may have a "milk protein allergy"....the worse part is he may not able to use Mama's milk any more.......that has been especially difficult for Lori so if anything pray for Lori to be at peace with this new twist in Connor's life. Lori is a fantastic Mommy and only wants the best for her baby so she worked very hard to see that she pumped religiously eveyday to make sure Connor had plenty of breast milk.....and now this upset!!!!!!! Please pray that he doesn't have this allergy and can stay on the good stuff...Mommy's milk!!!!

I hope this little update helps. We'll try to be better, but we are also having fun with our littlebug at home too......walks and stroller rides and rocking on the back porch. As for me....Daddy...I can truely say its so nice to have my family home!

Love Randy, Lori and ....lovebug hugs from Littlebug!!!!!


Jo Ann Collins said...

Well, it's about time!!! Seriously, when I kept seeing the last blog of July 6, I figured all must be going pretty well or we'd hear something, So I've just been rejoicing that everything is going along o.k. and you're just enjoying all being home as a family. Thank the Lord for that! We'll be praying for the latest little set back that they can clear up the problem w/o having to take him off mommy's milk. I know that is important to Lori and she's worked so hard to keep the supply up. Randy, it's so neat to see our perenniel bachelor so wrapped up in wife and baby. What a life change Lori and little bug have brought into your life. We always knew when the right gal came along you'd be a great husband and father and the way you both love kids you'd be great parents, but I think you've gone way above and beyond what we could have imagined. We love you guys and you are in our prayers constantly. Lee Ann & Steve are still waiting for final results on Steven's last blood work but it is sounding much better from what the PA says and he is feeling much better too. We all thank you for your prayers and we pledge to keep the prayers going your way. Love JoAnn & Rip

Anonymous said...

Randy & Lori,
Thanks for the update. So glad to hear that things for the most part are going well and most importantly that you get to be home together as a family. We will be praying for peace for Lori and for the allergy to the milk protein to go away so he continue on Mama's milk. It is so great to hear that he is getting heavy to carry!!
Sue, Randy & family

Tammee, Michael's Mom said... I am happy that you all are at home. Give kisses to Conner and Lori and yourself from Howard, Austin and I. Also please kiss those chubby knees for us!!
I am glad little Conner is gaining weight and continues to grow and be strong. He is such a blessing to you and to our family. We love all of you! Miss you and think of you always!
Tammee, Howard, Austin and Angel Michael

Anonymous said...

Oh Randy and Lori,
It is sooo good to hear from you guys! We check the blog on a regular basis and almost had to call your mom (Raeanne) to get the latest update.

I am so glad to hear that Lori is enjoying the regular things of mommy hood and being a wife. I feel guilty to hear about all the dinners and freezer jam, you are doing way better than me Lori! You are the best and Connor has the best parents in the world.

We will pray that this breast milk will not be an issue!
PS enjoy the rest of these beautiful summer days and BBQ's!

Auntie Heather Milliren said...

Hi Lori, Randy and Connor~

Sorry that I didn't get a chance to talk to you this morning. I was doing my best to head off to work.

Thanks for the update on the phone and via the blog. I will be praying for each of your requests. I know that it is always difficult to hear that Connor may be reacting adversely to Lori's breastmilk. And, I know that you have the utmost respect for your doctor. But, I would definitely get a second opinion on Connor being allergic to her breast milk. This doesn't seem possible as God designed it to be perfectly formulated to little Connor. I would have to question whether or not Connor is reacting to something Lori may have eaten or his medication. Don't give up hope! I stand up and applaud you Lori for pumping for six months now. Most women would have given up long ago considering all that you have been through in the hospital, etc.

I look forward to our next visit--soon I hope.

Auntie Heather
(on my lunch break--of course!)

Sheila said...

Hi guys Im glad that little bug is gaining weight, baby rolls are the best!!!! Sorry to hear about his bum though, Ill pray its not a milk alergie! Im just happy you are all doing well and things are on track for Sept. I think of you all very much, BIG hugs Sheila

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

As always, we continue to pray for Little Bug and all of you! :) Here is a recipe for "butt paste" that they use in the PICU. It might not be a milk allergy...see if you can hang on until his heart repair. For some reason, everything that comes out is very acidic (meds maybe?). Out of 14 of our friends with DS babies that have had heart repair, ALL of them had this issue! It cleared up after surgery. If he is still gaining weight, I would bet it is not a milk allergy per se.

Here is the recipe:

1 part Eucerine cream
1 part Aquafor cream
1 part Desitin (creamy or regular)

Mix well and stor in airtight container. It clears everything up! :)

Steph in IL

Anonymous said...

It was so wonderful to hear from you. I am so happy he is doing so well. I will pray that Lori will still be able to feed him her milk. I am sure that is difficult for her. GOd be with her and guide her, and give her a peace in her heart dear Lord. Continue to touch Connors Body and heal him, keep him healthy for Septembers Heart Repair, and Give Lori and Randy your Strength through it all!!! God Bless, Amen!

Anonymous said...

That last blog was from me, Darina. FOrgot to put my name. Love you guys.

Shelley said...

Hi there - I am just another blogger - in Australia - I will certainly be including your gorgeous fam in my prayers. Mothers milk is great - and if that precious babe has had some this long then that is great - it is NOT what makes you a good mother though - that is a result of all that love that is so evident in your blog. Good luck with everything guys!

Debi said...

Well Randy thank you for the update and I thought you did a great job....The summer has been so nice I am sure you are enjoying the outdoors with your family...however wonderful..
Praise God....
I agree with one of your other bloggers try this recipe ....
I will be praying that the rash clears up.... with this nice weather let him go all natural for a bit sometimes the air helps dry and clear just put him outside on a blanket let him enjoy a bit of sunshine on the bum!!!!

Take care will continue to lift your family in our prayers think of you guys often...p.s. thanks for the update...

Blessing ......hugs to your bug


Jessica said...

Hello, I'm another DS parent who loves blogging. I'm so glad to hear that Connor is gaining weight! Baby rolls are so precious!!

Anonymous said...

I like it! Good job. Go on.

Anonymous said...

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