Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dad is back home again!!!!!!!

Lori and Connor 6 July 2006

Yes Dad is finally home! It is such a great feeling to be safe in the arms of the ones I love…. And what a homecoming it was….holding my son in my arms, hugging and kissing my wife again….its good to be home! I can’t even explain it with words.

But I can tell you how proud I am to have such a beautiful wife and a fantastic son. Lori thank you for your steadfast love and devotion to myself and Connor, without you I don’t know where we’d be.

I look at the world and see turmoil and strife in families and I’m so glad I have you Lori as my wife…you are the one who sets my heart at ease and the one who brings peace and tranquility into my life and our home….what a jewel you are to me….I’m so glad you are my wife! And to Connor…I don’t think he knows it yet….I keep trying to tell him how blessed he is to have a Mommy like you….he got the best the world has to offer! (me too) Someday he’ll realize it but for now I’ll just keep reminding him how lucky he has it.

It’s a little after 5am and as I sit at my desk I’m reminded of how blessed I truly am…..a picture of Connor kissing me….my Father’s Day CD….my parent pass from Children’s Hospital….my Happy Father’s day picture book…the book “I’ll wait right here”…….lots of love notes from Lori…..and Littlebugs letter to Daddy on the 4th of July.

I just got through rereading “Connor’s letter to Daddy on his 1st 4th of July”…..I had to stop and wipe the tears from my eyes so I could continue to read. Having just returned from countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, I know the true meaning of freedom and its true… freedom is not free…its born out of the sacrifice of many willing to give their life to secure it and preserve it….never take freedom for granted for if you do you will soon lose it! And if you don’t believe me take a trip overseas with me! Remember what Psalm 33:12 says….”Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”

So Connor….you may ask someday why I do what I do…….I do it to make sure you live in freedom....and it’s worth the sacrifice.

All my love to you both….my beautiful wife Lori and my son Connor
Randy….and Dad!


Anonymous said...

Randy & Lori,

I need to ask you to pray for us now.

I just got back from urgent care. This weekend when we went away, Steven started experiencing difficulty walking. His stomach would cramp up, he was not able to eat much. (He barely finished one plate at the Belagio Buffet…Normally he’s a 3 plate kind of guy .) So as we are talking to the Dr. about the tummy and the fact that Steven told me on Monday, that he had some lumps under the skin on his neck that had been there for a while. I found out that awhile… meant over a year. So this Mom is a bit nervous for her baby. They are running blood test and doing an xray of his abdomen. The doctor kept going in and out of the room and everytime she returned she seemed a little more concerned looking than he time before. Her last words to me were, It could possibly be an infection, but I really am concerned with this being over a year.

So I am asking you to please pray for him. I’ll let you know if we find anything out soon. I’m guessing it won’t be until Monday. FUN


I apologize for the mess this note is. I cannot begin to think in complete sentences.

Sheila said...


You and Lori are so incredible! You are truly blessed, and so is that little Connor to have such wonderful parents as you two!!! Welcome home!!!!


Mama & Little Bug said...

Thanks for the wonderful message honey. We are so glad you are home and back in our arms as well. It's been so nice to fire up the BBQ the last 2 nights and have family dinners. The way that you love us and attend to us is fantastic. You're a great husband and father Randy and we love you so much.
Lovebug Hugs,
Lori & Connor

PS~ For those of you that read the above message from LeeAnn, please pray for Steven. These are very special friends of ours in California, in fact, they're just like family!!! We are concerned about this situation for their son Steven and we must petition the Lord on their behalf. I will try to be in contact with them by phone and give an update when I can!! Thanks for your faithfulness to pray!!!

Anonymous said...

What a touching and inspiring message.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Randy! Lori has been keeping everyone updated with lots of recent photos of your little bug while you have been away. He is so precious and his audio blog last week along with his 4th of July letter to you just completely melted my heart like butter. You are both so blessed to have such a beautiful baby boy!

Teresa Denessen said...

Welcome Home Randy!

I'm sure it is great to be back home. You are becoming a great writer too! Connor is lucky to have such a great dad & Someday he will realize the huge sacrifice you make for what you do! His letter was such a beautiful tribute to the men & women in uniform.

Glad you are back home safe & sound.

God bless all three of you!

Lori, Whew you made it while he was gone! You are an amazing woman & mother. You truly make all of us women strive to be better for our men & children. Wow, I'm starting to sound like someone off of "Little house on the Prairie" or somethin. Gotta Go..Love ya, Teresa

Auntie Teresa said...

Oh, Connor - I forgot to say what an adorable little "firecracker" you are! You looked like you couldn't keep your eye's off that sparkler! Thanks for posing for all the cute pics! Hope to snuggle & hug you sometime soon.

Lovebug hugs & Kisses from Auntie teresa

noah komac said...

Hi Conner, My name is Noah Komac and I live in Lynden Wa. I am 9 months old today. I went to Costco in Bellingham with my great aunt Ofelia and there I met your Grandma R. I quess your family and my family (the Loya's) know each other. My aunt and your grandma kept talking and talking about how special you and I are. (see I have downs also) I heard you have been not feeling good but you are know way way better. I'm GLAD !! BUDDY Well I won't make this too long I sometimes get tired quick but I'll have to write later about all the plans my family is doing to do the BUDDY WALK in October and your Grandma R. was interested in hearing more. They are selling calenders and my picture is on I'll tell my aunt to send 1 to your parents. Anyway Good Night for now. I'll get my aunt to send your family a picture of me I see yours all the time when I visit my great aunt Ofelia (I call her YAYA) love your friend Noah

Anonymous said...

Randy ~ what a beautiful and inspiring tribute to Lisa and Connor. You are indeed such a great example to the world of what a family should be and I hope many log onto this blog and are being inspired and challenged by your great example and follow suit. There is so much dyfunction in our society at every level and so many have been adversely affected in so many ways. It's wonderful to read this blog and see that there is a better and right way to live and overcome.

Thank your willingness in the ways you sacrifice to keep America safe. Too often we take it all for granted.

May you and your family continue to be blessed and that your little love bug Connor will continue to improve.

I worked several years with special needs children and our favorites were the children with Down's, as God has gifted them with such a beautiful ability to understand His love and care, which is demonstrated through their lives. They are indeed gifts from God, I believe to show others what caring really involves and looks like.

May your little guy grow up to be healthy and productive and continue to bring you more joy than you can ever imagine possible.

You continue to be in our prayers!!

Emery six said...

Randy, Lori and Connor,
I was just smiling this morning as I was thinking of you and some of your colorful adventures at the hospital. It was great when Randy pulled a hospital 'code pink' and took Connor out to lay on the grass, and the time that Lori stood her ground when they tried to move Connor AGAIN. I gave Lori a mental standing ovation when I read about her taking a stand against the early morning move. Also the way Connor's room was decorated to the hilt on surgical floor...complete with the model airplanes suspended from the ceiling. I am quite sure that surgical unit has never had a room that was so well decorated!

Thanks for sharing recently that Noah's story would be on TV. I watched it and was deeply moved. I was amazed when I realized that I had met Noah's daddy on the elevator at the hospital one day. We talked briefly and he told me a bit of their story. I had Brent in the stoller and was getting off at the 3rd floor oncology unit and so our conversation was cut short. I know you are friends with the Kienholz family so please give them my warmest regards if you if you speak with them soon. They and Noah have touched my heart.

I am so glad Randy is back home and you are all together as a family again. Blessings and lovebug hugs,

Anonymous said...

I CAN'T believe I wrote 'Noah' when I meant to write 'Jonah'. That's what happens when you try to write just after you get up in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy, Lori and Connor,
We are so happy to hear that YOU ARE SO HAPPY!!!! Yippee, What a celebration the 4th of July must have been. You really are enjoying every little moment, what a great lesson for all of us.
Thank you!
Love Heidi, Ron and Oscar

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your prayers. I know I told Randy most of this, but I wanted anyone who maybe praying for us to know that God has once again been faith to their request.

We took Steven back yesterday, and the PA said the xray looked fine. She said that his platelets are low so we need to go back on Friday and repeat the first blood test and
have some others run. They are working on ruling out other things but, the PA is guessing at the this point that Steven has Monno. Now who would have ever though, knowing me and the fact that I am just a smidge protective of my 3 sons, that LeeAnn would be saying PRAISE THE LORD, MY SON HAS MONNO? :) Not that I am really happy with Monno, but it is so much less than the first doctor was leaning too.

The PA said that he may have swollen lymph noids, and there may be more than usual. But, it may also be because he is such a beanpole they are just more noticeable than
In others he age.

I will take any explanation they want to throw my way. I'm just thrilled my redeemer heard all of our/your cries and prayers and saved my son from serious problems.

Again I am thankful for you guys, your friendship to our family, and your love for my son. I pray God will bless your faithfullness.

Group hug to Lori, Randy & Connor. WE love you guys and miss you.

LeeAnn &
The Webb Men


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Auntie Heather Milliren from Victoria, British Columbia said...

Good morning Randy, Lori and Connor~

I "snuck" downstairs to use the hotel's computer to send you a message from lovely Victoria, British Columbia. Greetings! It is so beautiful here and the people are so friendly. We are about to start the last day of our vacation here in Canada. It struck me this morning in the shower just how much I miss the three of you and checking in with your blogsite. I cannot wait until we can see each other again--soon! And, praise the Lord it can be outside of Children's Hospital. I am so thankful to the Lord that Connor continues to improve, that Randy is home from the war zone, and that Lori is feeling better, too. I will continue to pray that the three of you grow stronger and Little Bug gains weight EVERYDAY.

Yesterday Uncle Bryan took us to Victoria's Bug Zoo. You will have to make the journey up here to see it. Wow! It was so amazing. The children loved it! And, they have an entire gift shop devoted to bug stuff! Pretty amazing!

Well, I better get back upstairs and help everyone get ready for another special day on vacation.

With lots of loves from Victoria,

Auntie Heather and Company

Auntie Teresa said...

Hi Connor!

I bet you have changed since I last saw You! I can't believe you are already 6 Months & 2 days' old!! I was going to write on the 11th but you know how time flies. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow & Friday! Tell your parent's hello too!

Love, Auntie Teresa

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy & Lori,
Just thinking about you today and how wonderful our Lord is. We still pray for you three often and Praise the Lord for victories and praying for more victories to come. We love you three
Sue, Randy & family

Anonymous said...

Dear Robertson family,
It was so great to run into you all-together- at the hospital yesterday. It's great to see conner getting so chubby and to see your family smiling. Your outlook on life is refreshing!!! See you around.