Sunday, July 02, 2006

I miss you daddy!!!!!

Me and Daddy having some snuggle time..... How do you like my Elvis impression lips...."Thank You, Thank You Very Much"!!!! Hee Hee :-)

Hey Dad, your nose looks pretty tempting.....maybe I should take a bite....Ok, I won't bite you, I'll just nuzzle in close so I can feel you breathe!!! I love you daddy!!!

Me and Daddy in the airplane wing of Children's Hospital!!! That's a super cool plane on the wall, but my Daddy flys bigger plane's than that!!!! In fact, he is in one of those big airplanes right now on his way to Germany. Be safe when you fly Daddy. I can't wait to have you home at the end of the week. We miss you!!! Oh yeah, and Abbey wanted me to tell you that she's looking forward to your return too. She likes going on walks with me and mama, but she says mama throws that bumper like a girl and she misses the way you throw it to her and tell her to "fetch it up!" Plus, Abbey needs a bath and mama's too embarrassed to bring the shampoo with her down to the pond. Come back soon Daddy, we're fallin' apart without you!!!! Just kidding, we're doing great!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the pic of Connor and Randy sleeping, it looks like he is going to eat his nose, love it wonderful pictures. Hugs Sheila

Michelle said...

It's been great catching up on all these photos! Loved listening in to his little coos too! How sweet that was!

Anonymous said...

Little Bug-

You have gotten SO big!!! I LOVE IT!!! It was very special to hear your little voice too. I'm glad that you are home with Daddy, Mommy & Abbey. Your mommy is really amazing. The fact that she shares all of those wonderful pictures with us is just so neat. Thanks Little Bug's mom! You're awesome......I'm also glad that you didn't have to stay in the hospital for very long either. God is good!

Aunt Kathy said...

Hi Lori and Connor~
Laughter does a soul good. I think you will get a kick out of this. Loren is at work tonight so I was going to be a little naughty and eat a bowl of ice cream. Well, I got it out of the freezer, it seemed really hard so I decided to read the blog while it soften..... I needed a baby fix. Needless to say I couldn't stop reading and looking at the pictures, until.... HELLO lightbulb moment, I remembered the ice cream sitting on the counter. Not only was the carton on the counter, the ice cream was now all over as well. Thank you sweet Connor for saving your Aunt Kathy many calories she truly didn't need. I love you little bug. I can't wait to get you in my arms again. Lori, thank you for keeping us up to date on the Robertson household. Thank goodness you didn't have to stay at the Hospital again. Keep up the good mothering dear sister, you are the BEST!!!!!!!!! The pictures are sooooo adorable, of course he is the cutest little bug in the whole world.

Randy be safe and hurry home to your family. We will especially think of you on July 4th. Thank you for unselfishly serving our Country.

Daddy said...

Hi Son

Daddy misses you very much and is on his way home!!!!!! and can't wait to see you and Mommy.

Hey tell Mommy she did a great job on the blog!!!! and tell her I miss her soooo much!!!

Love ya...Daddy

ps maybe I will see you before midnight on the 4th??????