Sunday, July 02, 2006

5 1/2 Hours Later.......

Our G-tube tragedy is history......We spent 5 1/2 hours up at Children's in the ER to no avail. Would you believe that after we got all the way up there, went through all the paperwork and initial assessment, the only interventional radiologist that they have is on vacation. So, they gave me an option of being admitted and waiting a couple of days until the IR doc returned or simply switching giving his meds through the J-port of his GJ-Tube. I'm sure you can guess which option I chose. We are back home again and everything is just fine.

The ER doc on call today was able to re-inflate the balloon that keeps the GJ-Tube in tact and that seems to have helped. If we still have problems, then I will switch the meds to the other port and go back to the hospital once the IR doc is back. While we were there in the ER, the nurse was able to suction out Little Bug's nose and lower throat area which relieved him of a lot of congestion, so all was not lost in our day trip to Children's.

On the way home Connor and I ran a couple of errands (one of which was Costco and Connor did great!!!) and now we are back home enjoying the back porch and the nice breeze. We heard from daddy by phone while we were at the hospital. He felt terrible that we were back there, but grateful it was only a short stay. He is still fighting off the terrible cold he left with and is very tired. He will be back with us at the end of the week and we can't wait!!!

Well, off to put away the Costco supplies and give Little Bug a cool bath. More from Little Bug's nest later, but for now...

Lovebug Hugs,


Sheila said...

Good choice Lori, I think I would of made the same!!! Im glad all is well and that you and your little bug are home. I go nuts when I log on and see your going back, even for minor things! So thank God your all good and your home! Give Connor a big hug and some loves!!! Sheila

Auntie Marsha said...

Hi Lori & Little LoveBug

Love all those pictures!!! Were coming down this week, can't wait for some cuddle time with lovebug.

Love ya, Marsha

sister marsha said...

Randy, Were praying for you to feel better soon. Be safe flying and see at home soon.

Love ya, Marsha

Michelle said...

Glad to hear this was only a day trip and he didn't have to be admitted. Praying it will keep until the IR returns from vacation!

Anonymous said...

You truly are amazing to get all of that done in 1 day!! I think I would have been done after the hosp. visit alone. I am glad to hear that it is all ok and you are back to your wonderful home