Thursday, July 27, 2006

IT'S A MIRACLE.......4 POOPS & NO PAIN!!!!!!!

WOW, Little Bug is doing considerably better today. He is totally back to his normal little self with happy sounds and coos and cute little looks. What they attribute all of this "stuff" to, we'll pprobably never know. The biggest thing is that he has had 4 poops today and no screaming and writhing in pain. What could be different today? Nobody knows. The GI doc is having us to an ultrasound of his abdomen to see if there is any possibility that he has gall stones. They don't think it's probable, but we've all heard that before. We will go for an ultrasound at 4pm and then the big news is..................we're headed home!!!!! Praise the Lord we can rest in the comfort of our own home tonight!!! We are going to continue to be followed by the GI docs on an outpatient basis so we can really find the source of all of this pain. If they find nothing through testing and Little Bug improves they say it was just an issue of Connor needing to grow. I say, "nonsense"!! When Connor improves it's because the hand of God has reached in and healed his body. Dear Lord, "Let it be so!!" Amen!!!

Randy contacted me just a couple of hours ago from McGuire AFB in New Jersey. He was ecstatic to hear the Connor was doing so much better. He can't wait to be on his way home soon and back in our arms!!!! Be safe honey. We will see you soon!!!!

As always, with another admission here at Children's, I have made many new friends. Would you say special prayers for our new friend Ben who is 6 years old and dealing with swelling in his brain. Also, our little roomie Simon. He is the absolute most adorable baby. He has a heart difficulty that makes his little heart beat extremely fast. His family is from Bremerton and would really appreciate the prayer support. We made more friends in the family room just moments ago and they are awaiting results from a physician consultation regarding their son, Chase. He is a kiddo with a major heart defect that has been repaired, but now he is 6 years old and is dealing with a very rare type of bronchitis. It sounds like it is so rare, they have no treatment. Needless to say, these parents and Chase's sister are worried and scared. They need to know you Lord in a special way. Please give wisdom to the docs and peace for this sweet family. Thanks for all the extra prayers for our new friends.

Lovebug Hugs,

PS ~ I will hopefully blog from home this evening with good news regarding the ultrasound!!!!


Sheila said...

Thank God!!! Sounds like you two might be heading home soon!!!! Ill pray for the new friends you have as well, we pray for all the sick kid-os at the hospital, everynight. I cant wait to read the blog that says were home!!!!! HUGS Sheila

Aunt teresa said...

Heading home!!!....Amen & Amen. Prayer works, Praise the lord! We'll keep your friends in our prayers too.

Love Ya, Teresa

Little bug, Soo glad you feel better....AHHHHH Relief. Can't wait to hold you, hear you coo & make cute little baby sounds....gurgle,blub,glub...//~!

oh no, I better go, gotta get gum out of your cousin Chloe's hair!

Love, Auntie Teresa

Debi said...

Praise are headed had made alot of friends that sound like they need alot of prayer we will be praying for them..Hope you get some rest tonight in your own will probably seem quiet huh????

Have a great rest of the week enjoy..


Heather Bennett said...

YEA!!!! God is so faithful!!

Jo Ann Collins said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!! /Thank you Lord for more answered prayer. We will pray for all your new friends.

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