Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rest, rest, sweet rest!!!!

Thank you for your prayers for rest!! We both had a great night of sleep last night. Despite the beeps and alarms and crys from our little roomie, we both surrendered to sleep and feel rested this morning. At 7am today we had a consultation with one of the main GI specialists. He did have some new insight for Little Bug, but nothing really huge. They will be stopping one of his reflux meds and upping the dose of another one of the reflux meds. They will try to add fiber to his formula to see if that will help his bowels release easier!! He also believes that Connor may have a spastic bowel response which can be common in some children. There is nothing you can do about it, but we all know that we can petition the Lord and He will hear our prayer and heal Connor of this pain. They will make small changes today and then we will see how he responds to the medication change. Hopefully we are close to heading home since he has gone 24 hours without a fever. He is sounding clear in his lungs and he has been keeping up his oxygen all on his own without the help of blowby or canula oxygen. Today we hope to get him unplugged from all his wires and go for a walk. We just need to get back to normal. It was splendid to wake up to his usual coos and sounds this morning. I think I'm getting my baby back. Wow, it's wonderful that he turned the corner and is acting more like himself.

I will post more when I can. Continue to pray, Connor still needs healing from his pain. Thank you for your faithful prayers.

Lovebug Hugs,


Sheila said...

Lori thats wonderful!!! I hope nd pray ou guys will be home SOON!!! I am so happy you both got some good sleep! Ill keep you in my prayers today and my thoughts. Love You Guys Sheila

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear that you had a good night sleep & that you got to wake up to "coos" & happy sounds :) We continue to pray for this little bug & believe for great things! Enjoy your walk :) and hope to hear you're at home next time you blog! We thank the Lord that His healing hand is at work in Conner's little body!

Love you all,
Chris,Lisa & Co.

Heather Bennett said...

PRAISE THE LORD! I am so glad to hear you both rested. It's amazing what a little rest can do to help along the road to recovery (for Mommy too). We will continue our prayers and hope that we hear of your return home soon.

I am so sorry to hear that you have been in so much pain and so glad to hear that it seems to be getting a bit better. Wasn't it nice to get a good night's sleep? :) I just wanted to remind you of your little angel friend who is there with you at all times. One of Lauren's favorite scriptures says, "The Lord will command His angels to take GOOD CARE of you!" She and I talked about your little angel taking good care of you last night. What's even greater is that not only is that angel there with you, but our GREAT BIG GOD is right there with you too. WOW! Even when you are hurting, Jesus is holding you and caring for you to make you better. :)

I love you little Bug!
Auntie Heather #2

Teresa Denessen said...

SOOOOO Happy to hear you got a good nights sleep for both of you! PRaise the Lord! Sleep does a body good. Connor, I'm so glad you are feeling better. Now we'll pray that pesky fever stay's AWAY & you will be headed home in the next few day's. We love you all. Praying for a safe return for Randy & to find you two at home sweet home. Love & Continued prayers. Teresa

Love you Little bugaboo!

wyndilee & izabell said...

we went home the day you came to the floor! sorry to have missed you! we will try to visit when we come for ent visit on thursday today. we had a roomate that did not allow us rest too, we are just new getting caught up on rest two days later, i hope you get to go home soon so you can get some rest as is really hard being on the floor with out much help, i had the nurses hold izabell so i could pump, stil pumping, hope sjhe passes her swallow study thats coming up. see ya later today

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