Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday Evening Update

This is day number 3 of this admission to Children's Hospital and we are making slow progress. Little Bug struggled again last night and had a very difficult time finding rest and peace in the midst of spiking fever after fever and fighting the c-pap machine. This morning was equally as hard for him and finally a little after 9am he surrendered to sleep. After waking from his morning nap he had a busy afternoon of tests and blood draw attempts and an echo-cardiogram. He tolerated all of these intrutions fairly well except for the afternoon spike of 104.7 with his temp. Dr. Badden (our favorite ICU cardiac doc) was finally able to get blood from Connor around 5pm. They sent it all to the lab for many tests and we should know preliminary results sometime tomorrow. They are still stumped as to what is going on both with the fever and with the GI complications. Late this afternoon I requested that they give Little Bug a trial off of the c-pap to see how he would do. That was around 3:45pm and he is currently still off and very comfortable with his breathing and oxygen saturations. Praise the Lord for this, I know God is answering our prayers for Connor. Since his spike in temp this afternoon he hasn't gone up again so he is quite happy at the moment with no drugs on board to help him settle down. We are hoping for a positive night for him with much rest (and for mama too!!). Tomorrow we should hear from the GI specialist to find out what to do next and how to proceed with this particular problem. After they decide what is making him spike the fevers we should be able to treat him and hopefully go back home.

Thank you to Dad and Mom M. for helping with Abbey over the weekend. She is now in the very capable hands of our sweet neighbor's Dave & Lisa. Thanks guys for being willing to help out while we are up here and Randy is gone. Abbey says thanks too and so do the flowers!!! You guys are great!!!!

It was nice this evening to be able to hold Connor for the first time since very early Saturday AM. I realize when I can't snuggle him how very much I need him in my arms to love and protect. While we were snuggling tonight we got another call from Daddy in Germany. He was so glad to hear that Little Bug was off the c-pap and in my arms. He is scheduled to be home around this time next week and we hope he finds us back at home and not still here at the hospital.

I will post more tomorrow evening with an update and hopefully we will know a better plan for heading toward home. As always, if anything happens before that I will post an update so you can be praying more specifically.

Thanks once agian for all the love and prayers. Our Lord is hearing and answering and Connor is looking some better as of this evening!!!!

Lovebug Hugs,


Sheila said...

Hug and kiss that little man for us!!! Thank God he is able to get some rest! I will pray that he and you both have a good night, and Ill pray for the doctors to find out whats going on so they can get little bug better and you guys home before Randy gets back. Lori if your there on Friday, we will be in for an apt around 11:00. Hopefully we will not get to see you and Connor because you will be at home!!!! Hugs and Kisses Sheila

Teresa said...

Heavenly Father,

I ask that you give restfull sleep to Connor & Lori tonite. Bring Healing to Connor's little body in Jesus Name. Also Keep Randy safe & give him peace that only you can give. Amen!

Lori & Randy, Be assured that we will be some of many that will be prayer warriors on Connor's behalf. We will look tomorrow how to specifically pray. Goodnight, Sleeptight. Love, Teresa

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori,
I am so glad to hear that Connor is doing a little better this evening. Maybe he is happier because he is sick and tired of wearring that C-Pap!! After all it sounds like he has a mind of his own and he wants to let everyone know it! LOL Well I am glad that you got to hold him and snuggle and we will pray that you will be doing more of the snuggling back on your back porch soon while watching Randy fire up that good old BBQ and then back to making more of that freezer jam!

Heather Bennett said...

I am so glad to hear that Connor had a better afternoon and evening. I hope he also had a GREAT night so that you both were able to get some rest. Our prayers continue for all 3 of you and for wisdom for the doctors. I hope we will be able to chat soon as you rock Connor in your own wonderful home.

Love you all!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lori, Randy, and welcome to Little Bug! I just got done reading the blog on Connor and all that you have been through! Oh my! Although I know that no crisis is too Big for God and I also know that most often in the midst of crisis, we are closest to Him. Or He to us. So I know He is there with you and I am so relieved to hear that you have put all your trust in Him to take care of the situation. Also I wanted to congratulate you on your new pregnancy! Praise God, what a blessing! After reading the blog you have written, Lori, I was able to get to know you better and see why Randy was so taken by you! You sound like an incredible wife, mother, and person! We were so sorry we were unable to see you when you visited on Wednesday. Tell Randy we were at a loss without him taking the family reunion pictures. We did our best, but you know,noone does it as well as he does!I just finished a poem titled -The Family Reunion which I am sending into the International Poetry Society. I am getting published this fall. It's quite exciting! Well, I thought I'd share the poem just for fun. It's not that great, but for fun!

The Family Reunion-
Must decide what to bring,
meat, salad, or a dessert thing?
Then what to wear, not too bare.
Though always hotter than a potter's kiln. Mental note,
don't forget the camera and film.
We arrive, to hugs and well wishes,
and dishes and dishes of fine food.
Hey dude, I acknowledge a teen.
Spatula swat to prevent a bee-sting.
Ham, chicken, and turkey too.
A teaspoon of this, a tablespoon of that.
Must try them all, so as to recall
which recipes to request of the best.
We review the year with cheer,
and some with a beer.
Then down to the waterfront we go,
waterfights, friend or foe?
We watch our young swim,
share stories galore,
'Till next year when we'll do it some more!

We will send up our prayers on your family's behalf. Take the time to get some rest and make sure you eat properly and take your prenatals. I'm not a mother (lol), am I?! Sorry, it's just I know that sometimes stress makes you so weary that you have no desire to eat and lose track of other priorities like the little one in your womb. Speaking from experience that is, my first husband was killed while I was pregnant with my firt-born daughter. As you can imagine it was heart-breaking and yet God is great! And little one's are so resilient. It sounds as though, you are in the best hands possible. Trusting in His loving arms, praise God! Well, all this to say, "We missed you!" And that our prayers are going up on your behalf. Much love and may God bless and protect you all! Love: Jim, Kim, Jessica, Jason, Justin, Josiah and Jenava Bartel
P.S. Don't feel obligated to reply, you have enough stress on your mind and heart, but if you desire to do so, is how you may reach us. Love you guys!

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