Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sleepless Night!!

With a heavy heart I write this message this morning. I am sad to report that just before leaving the hospital last night I received a phone call from our ICU friend Shauna. We have all been praying for their daughter Allanah for the past 3 months. Little Allanah took a turn for the worse late yesterday afternoon and they could not revive her. The Lord saw fit to bring another precious baby into the gates of heaven and we are left questioning why and wondering when this will end. I have to be honest, I am still in shock at this moment as I write because the thoughts of Allanah going home were so close. Please pray for the Jewitt family and uphold them before the Lord. They are all struggling with the reality of what has happened and now they must put together the pieces for the rest of their family. We know that Allanah was received lovingly by her band of angels that had gone before. I am confident that Stone, Michael, Jonah and Sarah were all ready for her arrival. It is with the deepest yearnings of sadness that we say goodbye but it is also with great peace that we see their healing. Lord be with our angels and let them hover near us this day!!!

Connor had a most difficult night at home and it was pretty sleepless for mom and grandma as well. My mom accompanied us home last night as Randy is away on a fishing trip. Thankfully she was here. Connor must be having a terribly adverse reaction to a new medicine that they put him on because he coughed, gagged, choked and screamed all night long. He is finding some moments of rest at the current moment, but we don't know what today will hold. I have called the docs at Children's and they said to hold the dose of the new medicine today and see if things subside. How we had hoped that home would be a restful, peaceful place. At the time being, it is not!

Please pray for us with weary, tired and heavy hearts.
Lovebug Hugs,


Auntie Heather Milliren said...

Lori, Connor and RaeAnn,

I am praying for you dear ones. I love you!

Auntie Heather

P.S. How can I help you?

Bug said...

Lori Im glad to hear your mom is with you, it has to be hard with Randy gone. Ill pray that little bug, you and your mom find some rest and peace today, And it is so sad to hear of another baby going home. I will pray for her family to have strength and to find comfort today. Hugs Sheila

Anonymous said...

My heart aches with this news. I am so sorry. Although it will be of no comfort now please let Allanahs family know she is among the best. We WILL see them again, and we are blessed to of had the chance to meet such beauty in this world. As for Connor, come on little bug you can beat this. There is someone wonderful on the way and can't wait to meet you. Lori, may you find peace and rest during this time. My prayers are with ALL of you.
With love and prayers (and a heavy heart), Tiffannee
STONE lives in us all

Michelle said...

what sad news to receive; I will keep this family in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

i just got the phone call from shawna! i am so sad and in shock. i hope you guys get some sleep and connor feels better, is it captiprill causing the problems? izabell had a hard night and ythey are moving her apt up to tommorow for her next echo.i will pray for them all! wyndi

cousin chloe said...

hi Randy Lori,connor,
i just wanted to say hi
and i love you very much
i miss you
love cousin chloe

Aunt Teresa said...

Lori & Randy,

We are here praying on your behalf. Hoping & praying that Connor finds relief & can adjust to this new medicine so You can all have a good nights rest. So Glad your mom can be with you. We are so very Thankful that you can be in the comfort of your own home !! What a blessing. We love you all. If you need Anything, please let me know.

Love, Teresa

P.S. So sad about Allanah, but comforting to know that she is in the presence of our Lord. We will be in prayer for this family to find comfort & strength.

Auntie Heather Milliren said...


Thank you for your honesty tonight during our phone call. I will be praying for those specific requests. God is using you, Randy and Connor in MIGHTY ways. Be encouraged that all of this heartache and medical turmoil is not for lost. I love you dear sister-in-heart and will drop everything to lend a hand. However, I believe you are so wise to forbid visitors so that Connor can stay on schedule for his heart repair surgery date.

I am praying for a peaceful night for you, Connor and Grandma RaeAnn.

I love you,

Auntie Heather

P.S. If you hear from the men, please ask Bryan if I need to teach Children's Church for him this Sunday. Uff da! In our busyness we forgot to cover that small detail. Thanks!

Les & Marsha said...


We are praying for a peaceful night sleep for you, your mom and littlebug.

Love you, Les and Marsha

mum2brady said...

Oh no :( Keeping Allanah's family in our thoughts and prayers.

We are also keeping Connor close to our hearts, and in our prayers that he can improve and have his surgery. Praying you can all get some rest and feel better!

Cousin Erica!! said...

Dear Baby connor
I love you with all my heart and I pray every day for you to get better! give your mom and dad lots of love bug hugs and kisses form me!
love erica!

Sister Teresa said...


Praying for added strength for you tomorrow as I know it will be a tough day. We love you! Glad Randy will be back home on Sunday. Nice Talking to you Raeann, take care, hoping you all get some much needed rest tonight. Lovingly, Teresa