Tuesday, October 03, 2006

1st Word From the Operating Room....

We just received our first pager call from the operating room. Connor has done well with receiving the sedation required for the operation. They placed one arterial line to constantly check his blood pressure and they place another perifial line to give him meds throughout the procedure. They started the robotic portion of the surgery at about 10:30am and he seems to be tolerating everything just fine. The nurses took our camera into the OR so they said they are getting lots of pics for us of this very new-fangled procedure. We are anticipating another update around noon or so. Keep the prayers up for Little Bug and Dr. Kim. We are hopeful for excellent results for Connor!!!

Dear Lord, Please direct the hands of Dr. Kim and this mechanical robot. We know that you are the author of all good things and all new things, as well. Please spare Connor from any complications and give him perfect peace as he undergoes this surgery. Give us your peace, your hope and your love to make it through these hours of waiting. Amen!!

Lovebug Hugs,
Randy & Lori

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Bug said...

Oh thats wonderful news guys!!! Ill keep praying for little bug and for the surgeons. Thanks for the post!!! Love Ya Sheila