Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Littlebugs surgery day pictures

Well here we go again....down that long, cold, lonely hallway to the OR....Littlebug is the brave & courageous one in the bed!

The procedure setup was the longest because they used this new robotic arm machine called.......

....the "Da Vinci", which is basically an extention of the surgeon's hands that enable him to operate in small intricate places....like Littlebug's gut. It has great precision...which Mommy and Daddy really appreciate!!!!! But the strangest thing about this device is what it looks like when the surgeon is actually doing the procedure........

.....and here he is !!!! Yep he is operating on our Littlebug right now!!!....and Littlebug is across the room!!!!!!!! So to all you parents who get after your kids for playing to many video games....ya just might want to rethink that idea!!!!!

....so while the Doc is across the room the attending surgical team watches and controls what's going on at Littlebug's side!

....about 8 1/2 hours later they are closing up our Littlebug. The surgery took a little longer because they used that new machine but it enabled them to do the surgery with precision without opening up the tummy......

......so here he is our little war wounded hero....Our Littlebug will make his grandpa's stoop in emabarrasment at all the scares he has! If you look close you can see he only had small cuts where the probes of the Da Vinci machine went in. If they were not able to do it that way they were possibly going to have to extent that chest incision from the end you see (by the end of the sternum) all the way down to his belly button!!! OUCH Glad they didn't have to do that!!!

....so Mommy and Daddy where VERY glad that the surgery was done with only those small incisions and that our Littlebug came through with flying colors!!!!

Again thank you all for your prayers and concern for us and our Littlebug

Lovebug Hugs and Kisses......Randy Lori and Littlebug !!!


Bug said...

He looks good guys!!!! Time for mommy and daddy to get some rest. Im so happy all went well, I hope it continues and you are all home soon!!!!

Aunt Maureen said...

Oh my Goodness!! What an amazing machine!! Praise God for another miracle in Connor's precious life! We are very happy and relieved for all of you...now go get some sleep!!
Maureen, Larry,Kyle, Tyler, Derek and Molly

P.S. Are you saying that I shouldn't get upset when Tyler and Derek have their noses in their laptops because they are actually practicing to become surgeons? One can only hope!!

Anonymous said...

Just checking in this morning. Though we've never met, your littlebug has found himself a cushy little spot in my heart. I'm hugging my own a little tighter today, thinking that I'm very blessed, and marvelling at your strength and courage to keep fighting this battle. You have a beautiful little boy, and we'll be praying for his safe return home to you soon. Jan/ ME

Jon and Cheryl said...

Kept a eye on this board as much as I could yesturday waiting for the WONDERFUL news.
We are so glad the surgery went so well.We will cont to think of you all during this recovery time for Connor. He is a strong little "bug" .

Many prayers for a speedy recovery.