Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Day after surgery......

Not too much has changed today. The doctors have decided to keep Little Bug intubated until Sunday, at least. So that means 4 more days of complete and total sedation. Keeping Connor quiet is the best thing they can do for his recovery. So, we have resigned ourselves to many more days without seeing Connor's eyes open.

Randy left today to get ready for his trip overseas that he leaves for tomorrow. We always hate to see Daddy go away, but we will count the days until he comes back to us.

Off to get some sleep and try to shake off this terrible headache that I can't seem to get rid of.

Lovebug Hugs,


Bug said...

These next few days will fly by and before you know it you’ll get to see little bug awake and hopefully happy happy happy... Sorry to hear Randy is off soon, I know you miss him so when he leaves, hopefully its a short trip and he will be home soon!!! I hope you will be able to get some good rest and lose that headache; I worry about you and the levels of stress that comes with having a little one in the hospital. Take good care Love Ya Sheila

Anonymous said...

Well I hope you can get some rest while Connor is sedated. My prayer will be that these days will pass quickly but that you can use as much of this time as possible to get caught up on some rest from all of your past sleepless nights. We know that Connor will come out just great because he is an OVERCOMER!! Keep holding onto all those scriptures that have been promised to you and Randy over and over.

Diane Larson said...

Life - one day it rains - the next day the sun shines not a cloud in the sky. What will tomorrow bring? In a matter of speaking this is Connor's journey and with each passing day we watch God remain steadfast and true to His Word...rain or shine. He is with you TODAY. Noone understands - but God does. Rest Lori, rest Randy, rest baby Robertson, and rest Connor...the sun will shine again without a cloud in the sky. This we know - 1 Cor. 10:13. We miss you and LOVE you so much. You are always in our prayers!

Lynette Maulin said...

Randy and Lori,
I must be so hard to not see Connor's beautiful blue eyes, but like the doctor has said, his body needs this time to heal. I am going to ladies bible study and I will ask for prayer for Connor, Randy's safe return, your headache and of course baby on the way!!!! Lynette

Bug said...

Lori I ment to ask are Connors lungs looking any better??? Ill keep praying for little bug... We will be there Friday for a check up at 11:00 in cardio, Skys last echo. Maybe we will see ya :) Hugs Sheila