Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"Going Home"

Please pray for our sweet friends Dave & Stephanie tonight. Jesus saw fit to call another of our very precious ICU babies home to be with Him in Heaven. Little Jonah went home, as his mom puts it, on Tuesday evening. He was a brave little boy and quite a fighter. I know that all of you have been praying for him as we have requested many times. His story will be one that goes in the history books of Children's Hospital as he was the very first baby ever to be born right there at the hospital. Evening Magazine will be doing a story on him and I will post info once I have it so you can all watch it. I know you will be blessed by the incredible faith of this family in spite of their very complicated circumstances with baby Jonah. His parents never gave up and they placed him in God's hands from the very beginning.

I will attend his service tomorrow. Oh how difficult it is to say goodbye to precious souls. Randy & I had the wonderful opportunity to see him on Saturday when we went visiting all of our hospital buddies to say goodbye and pray with everyone. Let me tell you, Jonah was a delight to lay my hands on and whisper prayers to the Lord for. He looked up at me with his little eyes and I just about melted. I will hold that precious picture in my heart forever. Be healed now baby Jonah and know that you have touched the world with love from above. May you play with our precious baby Michael and baby Stone and may you all know what it is like to giggle and experience God's love first hand.

Lovebug Hugs,


Tammee, Michael's Mom said...

He is definitely in heaven playing with Michael and Stone. I know in my heart that they are all happy and being loved on every minute. We love you Jonah, Michael, and Stone. Please watch over all of us here on earth and keep giving us peace. XXXXXXXOOOOOOO
Tammee, Michaels's Mom

Anonymous said...

Please let Jonahs family know they and their precious one are in my thoughts and prayers. He sure does have great friends up there to play with while we down here patiently bide our time to join them. What a blessing to know we have such beautiful angels. Kisses to your handsome little one.
With love and prayers, Tiff
STONE lives in us all

Anonymous said...

Sorry I've not been able to say Congrats about going home sooner. I've been battling one of the marathon migranes going on 3 1/2 weeks now. The past 2 days I was literally on the floor of the bedroom with the bedspread over the head, with all the meds I thought could possibly help. Plus I had another wedding to do flowers for.

Anyway, we are so excited for your family to be back home in the loving surroundings of HOME. I know Connor will continue to flourish there under your protective Mommy's wing.

We hope that you fight off the sickness, and keep Connor away from the mess.

We will support Jonah's family in prayer. How difficult to have to say goodbye when you have battled so long and so hard for life and health. Praise God they can rest in the assurance that he is so strong, happy and healthy now. I'm sure he's getting the place all ready for the rest of the family.

Time to nourish this head again.

Love and Prayers,
The Webb's