Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Home at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was the long awaited day that we have anticipated for quite a while. After 111 days in Children's Hospital, we were discharge to home. We couldn't be happier to be at home with our Little Bug in our arms snuggling on the couch!!! Believe me, we are very aware that we are behind on posting the pictures that we keep promising and there is much to be said about our transition home. I am frantically trying to find my balance, but I will be honest, I am still caught in the whirlwind of it all. On top of coming home, Randy is not feeling well and had to go the doctor today to get antibiotics. He is scared to be around Connor because he doesn't want to get him sick. The doctor assured him that he is not contagious, but we are still being extra careful. I'm taking care of both my boys and it is the best feeling on earth. Thank you Lord for this priceless gift of caring for my family. I will try my hardest to quickly be on the task of catching up with pictures first and then following up with a reflection blog of all that has happened. Please be patient!!! I have MUCH to say!!!! But for now I will keep my post brief and I will say with great jubilation, "We are home, we are a family, and we are thankful to our Lord for this great miracle we have experienced!!"

More to come,
Lovebug Hugs,


Heather Bennett said...

What a blessing! I am so proud of you and your "joyful heart" in all of the craziness of taking care of your two guys. So often, we are so overwhelmed with all of the "doing" and "tiredness" that comes with it that we don't appreciate who we are taking care of and the gift that they really are. Wow! This short little blog speaks so much to me and teaches me. Thank you for reminding me to appreciate the gifts that God has given me to take care of. What a servant's heart you have. I love you my sister/friend. Our family rejoices with you for your homecoming. In fact, tonight as we were saying our prayers, Lauren said to the Lord, "We are so BLESSED that Connor got to come home from the hospital yesterday!" We will continue in prayers for Connor's continual strengthening and growth. I'm sure he's just going to continue to "WOW" those doctors.

Randy, I hope you feel better soon. I know you love to hold your little guy closely and hope you are able to soon. You are a GREAT Dad!

Connor, OK now Little Bug. Go easy on Mom and Dad OK? Take long naps and even better sleep good at night time for them. Try not to fuss to much, just enough to keep them on their toes. :) You are an amazing little boy. God has great plans for you. I just know it! I love you little guy!

Love Auntie Heather #2

Michelle said...

Welcome home! I can only imagine how it feels to be able to walk through your doors with Connor in your arms! How wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Everyone in our Bible study and prayer group are so excited that you guys got to go home. We feel it is just a miracle. We are praying for you to be able to get organized and be able to enjoy being at home together and that Randy will get better quickly. We love you guys and are so happy for you. You have been an inspiration to us the way you have gotten through all this and I praise the Lord for giving you the strength to keep on keeping on! God Bless!
Shirley and Ernie

Debi said...

PRAISE GOD...What a joy this is to read you are at home...wow 111 days you have alot to celebrate...hopefully Randy will be feeling better soon...enjoy your time and catch up on some family time it is suppose to be a beautiful weekend maybe you can even get outside to smell the flowers....

Bless all of you...
Hugs to your Little Bug..


The Eicheles said...

Hey Guys home is a very wonderful thing! We think of you three daily and pray for you and hold you all close to our hearts!!! Lori it was so wonderful to talk with you today, you sound so VERY happy, as you should be. Our bug boys are home with there familys. Now they can learn and grow and be the babys they need to be. Keep in touch! We Love You guys Keith, Sheila, Monica, Chandler and our bug Sky

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Robertson family. WELCOME HOME!!!

Auntie Teresa said...

WELCOME HOME Little Bug, Randy & Lori!!! We are so glad you are now back in your warm, loving home. Randy we are praying that you feel better quickly. We are also praying a hedge of protection over Lori & Connor to stay well. We hope you guys enjoy taking Connor on many stroller rides this summer & just taking in every minute of his coos & many milestones he'll make.

The kid's are already saying "when do we get to go down & visit baby Connor!!!

Take Care & God bless. Love, Teresa & gang.

Kristine and Abbie said...

What an answer to prayer that you are home...Abbie and I are so thankful to our wonderful, wonderful God that He is sooooo good! I hope that you are finding some space to breathe and be during this transition home...especially with two loved ones needing to be taken care of!

My small group has also been praying for Connor and your family, and they will be thrilled to hear that you are home and settling in.

Although you don't know us personally...Abbie and I send our love through Christ to you.


Auntie Heather Milliren said...

Hip, hip hooray the Robertsons are home to stay! (Well, at least until September.)

We are so thankful that you are safe and snug in your own home. It is the first day of summer and I bet the three of you will take a nice stroll around the neighborhood to bask in the sunshine. Enjoy every moment!

And, Randy, we hope and pray that you feel better today.


Auntie Heather, Olivia, Brayden and Bergen

P.S. We are eagerly waiting for our next visit when you are all up to it. For now, cherish the peace and quiet of your own home.

Anonymous said...

Lori and Randy,

I am so very happy for you all!! The joy of being able to come home with your Little Bug, is so wonderful. God Truly has His Hands on your family. I am glad you have these posts, I don't know if mine are going through or not, but hopefully you are getting them. Lori, you are a long time, dear friend, I remember when I would come over to your house and we would play. Lori, I pray that I will find the Man of my dreams Or should I say, the Man of God's Dreams for me, as He found for you!! MY thoughts and prayers and love go out to you and yours. Darina

wyndi steve and izabell said...

welcome home!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so happy for you! Izabell did not pass the swallow study on thin but passed on the thick so we are still on the bottle, hopefully we can stay off the ngtube, reflex might send us back on it! I hate reflex! We are so happy you are all home, and hope and pray Connor keeps gaining and growing with such sucess. Izabell made it to 11 lbs 2 oz:)

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear your are all finally home...prayers continue from Michigan...from our family to yours.

Tammee, Michael's Mom said...

Thank you Father GOD- for Conner to be Home! Love to you all! Randy get better!

Tanna & Kenny McGill said...

Praise God! We are so happy for you guys!!! Isn't it just so awesome to see the power of prayer :)

Tanna & Kenny McGill
Shelton, WA