Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Never a dull moment......

As many of you know Randy has been fighting off "the crud". Well today I woke up not feeling the greatest. It's the typical soar throat, running nose stuff, but its miserable when all you want to do is kiss all over your babies and you can't!!!! AAUUUGGHHHHH!!!!!! Today had to go on though....We had our 1st pediatrican appt. in almost 4 months!!! We have the greatest pediatrician in the world and he and all of his staff were so excited to see Little Bug!!! He's doing great and the doc says he's looking wonderful!!! We also went over to my grandma's house and Connor got to meet his great grandma for the first time. We experienced many priceless moments as Little Bug snuggled with his great grandma.

Once again, there will be much more to come. We're still settling into life back here at home. It's the first day of summer and I couldn't be happier to pack Little Bug into the stroller and go for a walk. We plan on taking a family walk right after dinner.

I'll write more soon.
Lovebug Hugs,


karin melvard said...

YEH, YEH, AND YEH!!!!!!!! I'm so happy to know that as I sit looking out at the beautiful, sunny, blue sky on the 1st day of summer, that you 3 are enjoying it as well! Summer is a joyous time in your own home, yard, neighborhood, etc. You must be so appreciating the awesomeness of the simple act of stolling with your delightful baby in his stroller. Oh, the things most parents take for granted! God is good. God is great! Enjoy Him and His wonderful creation! Thanks for putting a little more sun (Son!) in my pleasant evening!

John the Believer said...

I remember how you longed to go for a walk with Randy and Connor on a nice sunny relaxing day. It seemed so far away. Now it is here! A longing being fulfilled. The Lord is good!