Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Just you & me Little Bug!!!

Well, the time came again yesterday to say goodbye to daddy again as he went off to fly!! We sure do hate to see him go, but we know that he will be back soon to fill our hearts with more love and smiles. Last night when Connor and I laid down to go to bed I whispered in his ear, "It's just you and me Little Bug." This is the 1st time since Connor's been born that we've been here at home and Randy has had to leave. All the other times we were in the hospital, so these next 10 days should prove to be an adventure for Connor and I and Abbey.

We still have yet to find our rhythm around here. There is still much to be put away and much to be organized. My goal is to have it all done by the time Randy gets back. I'm sure we will have more productive days once we are organized. We are still fighting off the "crud". I'm feeling some better but still coughing and sneezing. Little Bug has a terrible cough and runny nose and he just seems miserable. He is such a trooper though. Even in the midst of not feeling well he is talking and cooing all the time. It is sooooooo cute!!! I'll have to do an audio blog so you can all hear just how cute he sounds.

We have had appointments to keep up with since coming home from the hospital which makes the day pretty hectic. Yesterday we saw our cardiologist in Tacoma, Dr. Steffaneli, and he did and echo-cardiogram on Little Bug. Nothing too impressive to report except the fact that his PA Band that he had done when we were at Children's is quite loose and so we are going to have to monitor that pretty close because it's not restricting as much blood flow as he would have wanted to see. We will go back in 2 weeks and if it hasn't improved, Connor will go on another heart medication to help relieve the pressure in his lungs.

We've seen our pediatrican twice now since being home and today Connor's weight was at 10 pounds 10 ounces. That's right, he's definately growing!!! He'll be 11 pounds before we know it!! Dr. Oriel said there really wasn't much I could do for this terrible cold, except to let it run it's course. So, we will lay low for the next few days and see if we can fight it off!!!

I wanted to let everyone know that the special Evening Magazine edition on baby Jonah will air on Thursday at 7pm on channle 5. I hope you will be able to watch his inspiring story and get to see a glimpse of his little life.

I must run for now as I hear Little Bug waking up from his afternoon nap. Believe me, it is the best feeling in the world to hear him waking up right here in our own house surround by our own things and our own sounds. Oh for the little things we take forgranted. Never again in this household will we forget to thank the Lord for the simplest of blessings. Off to love on Little Bug. I keep trying to make time to post pictures because I know there are a lot to catch up on. The bad thing about posting pictures on this blog is that for some reason it takes forever. You can only post 5 at once so you have to repeat the process many times over. Anyway, enough of that, I will keep trying to get them posted. Thanks, as always, for all your prayers. We love you.

Lovebug Hugs,


Anonymous said...

How wonderful to read a report of your days at home! We appreciate your faithfulness to blogging so much. I always look forward to sitting down and checking the latest news. We will continue to pray for healing for your little bug for his cold and for the heart condition. We pray that when you go back in two weeks that things will look much much better. Connor is certainly a little fighter! He has impressed us all!!
Have awesome moments at home with your son!
Sue & family

Heather Bennett said...

Lori, We will pray for God's strength and support while Randy is away.
How true it is that so often we forget to thank God for the little blessings. I was just listening to a song, "For Every Mountain". It talks about giving God praise for every mountain he has brought me over and for every trial he's seen me through, but then it says something wonderful, "For Every Blessing, Hallelujah!" It talks about praising God for waiking up and seeing the sun. How we should praise God for every little blessing he has shown!
I love you my sister/friend and for some reason and finding myself missing you terribly this morning. Know that you are in my heart and prayers today. Lots of Love!

Princess Morgan said...

Hi Connor! Yeah! You are home. I knew you would be in no time at all. We babies gotta stick together. Take good care of Moommy while Daddy is away. You are, after all, the man of the house when he is gone. Lots of love bug hugs should do the trick. Hey, enough with the colds, ok? One is all you are allowed. Keep putting that weight on...Mommy's liquid gold (hat's what I call it) should do the trick. Works like a charm. Well, can't wait to see new pictures of you in your own home. See you in our dreams.
Princess Morgan

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori,
I will pray that your time with little bug will be a time of refreshing, rest, getting back in the groove and most importantly.......PACE YOURSELF!! What a sanctuary your home must feel like to you and little bug! We are SOO excited for you guys and will definitely keep praying for more miracles to come! I am getting ready to go watch that interview that you have been talking about on channel 5 tonight. TaLk to ya later