Saturday, July 01, 2006

More pics to catch up on......

Little Bug zonked out with his dragonfly bug close by to keep him company in dreamland.

Mama and Little Bug catching their morning zzzzz's together!!!

This is one of my first doctors at Children's Hospital. Ellen was on the team that evaluated me when I first came to the hospital on March 1, 2006. Thanks for following me every step of the way Ellen, I'll come say hi in September when my heart is all fixed and I feel better.

Cousin Derek always liked coming to see me at the hospital. I hope he doesn't forget about me now that I am at home!!!

Auntie Jacqueline and Austin on their visit to see me before I went home from the hospital. Hey guys, next time I'm gonna have mama and daddy bring me to your lake house for a visit by the water, OK?? I can't wait to take my first ride on a Sea-Do....Ok, I know mama's jumpin' the gun on that one because it's still going to be quite a while before I can do that, but I'm looking forward to it no matter what!!!

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Sheila said...

I LOVE thenm!!!! He is so cute! I love the dragonfly and the one of you two sleeping. I hope you guys are feeling better!!!! I sure do miss you! Talk soon Love Ya SHela