Saturday, July 01, 2006

Catching up on pics from our final days at Childrens!

One of my last baths at Children's Hospital....

Here I am with my very own dietician, Claudia. She is so nice and she is helping Mama get things right with my diet so that I can get fat.

I love you nurse Genevieve....I'll be back to see you in September, OK!!

Auntie Teresa and Auntie Lynette came to see me one last time before leaving the hospital. I can't wait for you guys to bring my cousins to my house for a visit next time.

I'm crying really hard because mama just wiped yucky plaster on my hands and feet to make daddy a surprise.....I showed her though, I messed up the whole project!!! Somehow, mama finds this quite amusing!!!

Here's Little Bug with the Mariner catcher!!!

Daddy, Mama and Little Bug on their day outside, one week before I was discharged from Children's Hospital.

Here I am again with Mama on Mariner's Day. That Moose was so great. He gave me a cool duffle bag with a signed baseball and a small, stuffed version of himself. That was such a fun day.

Here I am in rare form.....I'm just teasing Mama with a little smerking, smile. Don't tell anyone, but I really do have lots of smiles inside....I'm just waiting for the right moment to let them all out!!!!

Hey, I bet this sight looks familiar to everyone. This is where the newscaster's usually stand to do their live broadcasts from Children's Hospital. Oh, by the way, I've stayed in the 2 far left rooms on the bottom.

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Emery six said...

What an adorable smile looking up at mama with love. Cute as a bug. Thanks for charming us, Connor.