Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Missing my babies!!!!!!!

I know..I know...I've used this picture before but I miss my babies so much and it reminds me how much I can't wait to get home!!!.....SOON I HOPE???? I'm still at Spangdahlam AB in Germany waiting for a mission to be assigned...and I sure do hope its westbound!!!!!!

I'm sure all of you read Lori's previous post....our "Littlebug" isn't doing so good right now. Lori and I talked last night about his condition and how it's taking quite a toll on Lori right now. He has this terrible stomach/gastro/pooping/gaging/coughing/pain...."thing"...that we, nor the doc's can figure out?????? It's a horrible thing to watch him go through, you would think he's on the brink of choking to death....then out of the blue it clears up....until the next time, and unfortunately the 'next time" getting to be more often. I pray and I hope you will all join me in not only prayer for Connor's condition but for Lori's strength....Thanks

Missing my babies from the other side of the earth......Randy (Hubby and Dad)


Randy & Cyndi Drake said...

Dear Brother and Sister Robertson and sweet,sweet Connor,
I have read this blog and can fully relate to all of the signs and symptoms you describe regarding Connors painful gastrointestional issues. Since my early childhood I have suffered from GERD,abdominal pain, bloating, chronic constipation and other GI issues. I have had over 20+ endoscopies, 3 major surgeries and a whole host of tests. Thousand and thousands of dollars spent on tests,medications and surgeries. In the 1960's they did not know what was causing my problems. There were tests done that were totally inconclusive. Was my father stressing me out? Was I just a nervous kid? Were there other issues going on in my body that at that time were unknown? I spent my 20's and 30's suffering and after finally 46 years of pain and suffering with these GI issues, I have had to leave my Primary Physician, GI specialists in Tacoma, who've tried to find the cause of my suffering since year 1989, the Physicians at the University of Washington Medical Center who sent me back to Tacoma without any hope of relief except a life addicted to Methadone for the past 2 years. When I was told to go home on July 31st of this year by my Physician at the U of W, I told Randy that I would be going to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota for an answer. The Mayo Clinic is 2nd in the nation, Johns Hopkins being number one in regards to Gastrointestional diagnosis and treatment. I have said all of this to encourage you to seek the will of God for your son in regards to his GI issues. My twin daughter Andrea was born at 36 weeks gestation with a malrotated bowel and I thank God each and every day for Childrens Hospital. They saved her life and I will be forever grateful to God and the wisdom that He gave the surgeons on that memorable day. To this very day she has similar issues to mine, which we now know are hereditary. My mother has all of the same signs and symptoms. I desire for my daughter to live a life "free" from all of the pain and suffering that I have endured to date. I want to do all that I can do humanly possible to make her life a life of abundance. I'm wondering after all that you and your precious Family, Relatives and Friends have endured since Connors birth and the frustration you all feel that maybe you should consider the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. God may have the answer for your dear son there.....We love you and hold you up high to our Father in Heaven in prayer, the Great Physician. I have a blog with the Mayo Clinic so we can communicate when I return there this Sunday for more testing and we believe a miracle healing! It's Our page name is RandyandCyndiatMayoClinic .
Believing for your miracle,
Cyndi and Randy P.S. if you need information on Mayo Clinics reduced airfare,hotel and other info please feel free to contact me. Your parents have our numbers. Peace be unto you.

Anonymous said...

Randy, know your heart is with your family and we pray for your safety and soon homegoing. If you ever get a flight to Djabouti (sp)? Steve O'Brien has been deployed to the military base there for 4 months and I'm sure would love to see you if you ever get sent that direction. JoAnn

Jo Ann Collins said...

p.s. Steve has a podcast produced by Steve Webb. It's at so check it out when you have a little time.

Bug said...

Hey guys I was just wondering did they remove that band they but on Connor to help his lungs when they did his heart repair? Love Ya Shiela