Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Change of Plans.........

Just as Randy and Little Bug were wheeling his crib into his room on the first floor, the nurses promptly told them there had been a change of plans. Randy and Connor are now on the second floor in room 2025. A private room at that, which is much better, not only for sanity's sake, but for warding off the potential germs of a roommate as well. They are just settling into their new little home and I'm sure Daddy will have airplanes flying in no time at all.

Will post more when I have more info!!!
Lovebug Hugs,


Anonymous said...

that sounds good Lori, see God knows. HE is looking out for your little guy. Get some rest and thank God for a wonderful husband you have.
Take care of that little baby too.

Auntie Maureen said...

Is this the same Connor who was hooked up to wires, tubes, and every other piece of medical equiptment on Sunday trying to sleep off his major morphine hang over? I for one can't believe it but I am happy for him. One step closer to home.
Love Auntie Maureen
P.S. Your other child/dog is doing just fine. So far nothing has been chewed up and she is fitting in and trying to be one of the boys. So much so that she feels she should get Derek's bed instead of him. Oh well, that's our Abbey!! (Yes Randy, we allow her to sleep in the house since it's been so cold!!)

Anonymous said...

Heidi, Ron and Oscar

Kristine and Abbie said...

Yeah!! Yahoo!! and every other word of excitement and hope that is out there!

I am so happy to hear he is on the floor and possibly on his way home soon...Lori, and Randy you certainly have a trooper on your hands!

Much love,


Michelle said...

what great news! I pray his recovery continues to go well!

Emery six said...

I am sure that Connor will have the most fabulously decorated room on the second floor! You are so good at making Bug's hospital rooms so bright and fun. Lori, I am so glad you are getting some rest!!!!!!!!! Surely it has been the grace of our Lord that you have had the strength to do all that you have done so far. We are believing that Connor will just get better from here on out!
Lots of love,
Susan and Gang (John, Steph, Robyn, John Jay and Brent)

The Maulin Family said...

We are all so happy and thankful that Little Bug is doing so much better. Many prayers are still being said for all of you. Love, Gary, Lynette, Zachary, Lucas and Savannah

Cookie said...

SUCH WONDERFUL NEWS!! This has made my entire day, I can't wait to tell everyone. We'll continue the prayers though for sure. Hugs to you all! Jan/ME