Wednesday, October 25, 2006

On the floor....Daddy's turn to be nurse and doctor!

Oh here goes Dad again...scrubbing my mouth not with soap...with those little green sponges that make my mouth feel so much better!!!

Guess what everybody....I still weigh 16.5 lbs, so I didn't gain or lose weight while here at the hospital.....and that's a good thing!!!!

...Oh not this again...the board!!! No I'm not in trouble its just this x-ray table that is nothing but a hard flat chunk of wood they put me on to take chest x-rays. But the really funny thing about this whole ordeal is Daddy's funny apron...way ta go Pop!!!!
Hey Pop even let me swing today...but I like my own swinging chair at home better so I better hurry up and get there real soon!!!!

...and last but not least....Daddy is at it again..everytime I open my eyes Daddy is doing something...I hope he's got his "cheaters" on.....Oh no he doesn't..AUGH!!!!!! Mom where are you when I need ya!!!

Lovebug hugs and kisses

Randy, Lori & Littlebug

ps: Connor is doing fairly well but has still got some way to go on the drug weaning plan. He still is not totally alert yet but he's getting better everyday. No C-pap but still on some "blow-by" and I'm hoping that as his bodily functions return to nomal so will his oxygen saturation levels. As always keep on praying because we are not out the woods yet!

Thanks...Randy and Lori


cousin haley said...

Dear Connor



OH, Moms says I have to go to bed now. Bye


Scevers family said...

Randy & Lori, God is answering our prayers. Connor is doing so well and looks like he having fun with Dad. Lori I'm glad you were able to go home for some much needed rest for you and the baby. Take care of yourself. I'm sure the boys miss you very much
Our Love to you

Scevers family

Emery six said...

Great job, Daddy! Keep up the good work.

Believing that your family will be back home together real soon.

Connor, you're turning out to be such a handsome young man.

John and Susan

Denessen's said...

Randy & Lori,

Praise the Lord for all this progress! We do continue in our prayers.... you can count on that. Lori I am so glad you went home for some much deserved rest. Take care of yourself (baby#2!too) & by these pictures I do believe Daddy has things under control. Good Job Randy....Your doing great at the blogging too. Keep pictures coming they make me feel like I'm there.

Connor, Auntie wants to come & wrap her arms around you one day soon. Lovebug hugs & kisses, Teresa

Your cousins want me to say "Hi" & tell you early.... Happy Halloween! MAYBE you will be HOME!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I am impressed, it looks like you have been a busy daddy and doctor Randy! You are such a great daddy and hubby. Lori and Connor and tiny baby are sooo blessed. We will continue to pray that he will have to have less and less assistance with all of that breathing apparatus. "Lord open up his airways so he can breathe with smooth sailing. We believe this will happen in the name of Jesus!

Izabell said...

keeo up the good work connor! and randy!! and get plenty of rest lori your little bug is in good hands!

Bug said...

Connor you are doing SOOOO Good little man, I hope you get to go home soon, get out of the Hosp and gp play with the puppy, mommy and daddy. BIG Bug Hugs Sheila

Anonymous said...

Connor we are so happy with how well you are doing! You sure have grown alot and are so very handsome!

Please continue to get stronger.

Many prayers for you all.

Jon and Cheryl

grandpa and grandma m said...

Dear Randy,

You are doing such a wonderful job caring for Connor. All the pictures are just great and your captions are so neat. You sure have a way of bringing a smile to our faces :) Like I've said to you many times I really think you are the original Peter Pan and Lori is Mary Poppins. Your love and care for Connor is such a blessing to watch. You both have such a way with children. We so pray that soon Connor will be home so he can experience all the adventures that are just waiting to happen. We are praying and trusting Jesus for so many answers to our prayers.

Randy it has been so good for Lori to try and get some rest. Although I know her mind and heart have been with you and precious Connor. We love you and you know that for sure.

Connor you are such a strong boy and oh my so loved by your daddy and mama and yes they sure do like to give you many kisses :) mama is on her way back to the hospital so you better get ready daddy will be on one side and mama on the other and they'll just be loven you so much :) it's a good thing that we all don't come at once cause you'd be all worn out from those kisses:) You give daddy and mama big hugs for grandpa and grandma ok
Many,many prayers for you all,
Love grandpa and grandma m xoxoxoxo