Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fast Track Out Of ICU..............

It is Tuesday and Mama woke up at home today while Daddy stayed at the hospital last night with Little Bug. Daddy did all the usual hospital things....He woke up and showered in the community bathrooms (I hope they were clean honey and that you locked the door...) then he went to the computers to check the blog, then he headed down to kiss Connor before heading to the cafeteria for scrambled eggs. When my home phone rang about 9:00am I knew it would be Randy calling with a morning update. To my surprise he said, "Honey, they're moving him to the floor today!" "TO THE FLOOR", I exclaimed!!!!!!!!!!! What are they thinking, I thought!!!! One day they are pumping him so full of drugs that when it finally hit him on Sunday morning he literally slept for 13 hours straight!!!!! Now he is on a narcotic wean and all of his IV's are pulled and in their mind, he is not ICU material any longer.

Randy went down to the first floor where Connor will be transfered to to check it out and we will be in a double room on the window side. We've never been on the first floor before so we hope that we're not taking a step backwards and having to start all over with the doctors getting to know him and us. Our goal will be to push toward hospital discharge on Friday, but we'll see how this goes. This is Randy's first time to move out of ICU with Connor onto the floor. He assures me that he wants me to stay at home and rest up because he's gonna bring our baby home. We both are trusting and hoping that Little Bug will do well with this transition and not take any steps in the wrong direction. We will be continuing his narcotic wean at home and he will be on a new pain managment drug for a little over a month called Chlonadine. Our hope is that when everything is weaned off we will have a happy, healthy baby free of all these episodes, but we are also mildly sceptical.

My plan is to go back up to the hospital either, Wednesday or Thursday to help Randy out and give him a break. Thanks honey, for being willing to make the big transition with Connor and letting me get some rest. You are a fantastic Daddy and Connor is lucky to have you!!!!

I will post more this evening after I have received word from Randy on how things are going!!!! Thanks for all your continued prayers......don't stop......we're not out of the woods yet, but we can see the clearing ahead!!!! We're heading in a good direction, let's just pray we can stay on the straight and narrow path with Little Bug and no more bumps in the road!!!!

Lovebug Hugs,


Izabell said...

wow! what good news! We will continue to pray! we are very happy for you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

jackie said...

I am so excited to see Connor is moving to the floor today! What exciting news. I hope you guys get to go home on Friday. Continued prayers that he stays on this path to recovery.

Heart Hugs,
Jackie, Scott and Trevor

Aunt Teresa said...

We are so happy to hear this wonderful news!!! We WILL Continue our prayers, they are working! Praise the Lord! Love you all. Aunt Teresa, Uncle Ted, Chloe, Emma & Jake.

Ofelia said...

Randy, Lori, and precious Conner, When I read your blog today I thought to myself "I wonder who GOD has on the floor for the Robertson Family to witness to." It seems that everytime something changes with Conner GOD has already gone ahead of you to prepare his witnessing ground for you. How exciting to know that your family is so special to the FATHER he knows that you all are prepared to share of his wonderful LOVE with others. Precious Precious Baby Conner you have had such an impact on so many people and your parents have shown so many people what trusting GOD really means. I send my Love to you all. Ofelia Ayala

Bug said...

That is so amazing!!!! I hope you uys are all home Friday!!! The first floor is great Lori, the docs are wonderful and so are the nurses. Enjoy your rest, its well desirved and needed Im sure. take Great care bug Hugs Your Friend Sheila

Aunt Kathy said...

WOW!!!!! I read the blog this morning to great news. Then left to do a few errands to come home and read the blog again, and more good news. Moving to the floor. Praise the Lord he does hear and answer our prayers.
Keep up the good fight Connor!!! We will pray that this new med. will keep you from those awful episodes and that you will continue this up hill climb, no more down hill turns o.k.- just climbing climbing climbing. Connor you can do it, we have seen what a fighter you are. With Gods help we can do all things. Sending you our love and prayers. Loren & Kathy

Anonymous said...

ok once again I am blown away by this whole thing. "Lord we lift up Connor to you and all the medical team. We know that we have to trust in you and others, but it is confusing at times. Thankyou for the progress that has happened in his life and we pray for NO MORE steps backwards. Let the peace and Love of the Robertsons family be the true prescription that Connor needs for true recovery!
In Jesus name

Susie - Maggie's Mom said...

Connor never ceases to amaze us - he is so strong and such a little fighter. I stopped by to say hi today Lori and they said you were home and Connor was moving to the floor with Dad. That is just great news. I did leave you a little something at the ICU desk so stop by before you check out on Friday. Keep up the good work Little Bug. Your Friends, Susie & Geoff DeVries.