Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Here's your Little Bug Fix....Yup, that's right, more pictures!! Enjoy!!

Hey guys, how do you like my new do????

Hey guys look, I'm getting better at keeping my binki in all by myself....oops, I dropped it!!

Me and my binki, what a great combination!!!!

Mama's so good about giving me blow-by oxygen!!!! But daddy says, "Hey, get that big blue snake out of my nose!"

Pucker comes a big kiss!!! So 'cmon, let's be real honest here, I really am the cutest little bug in the whole wide world, right?????

Look at me, I'm a little slugger!!! My Great Uncle Randy would be very proud to see me in a baseball outfit. He gave me my very first mit. I can hardly wait to use it.

Little bug and daddy snuggling with Connor's new bumble bee!!

Unlce Gary and Aunt Lynette with cousins, Zachary, Lucas & Savannah on Sunday. Hey guys, have fun in Florida. When you see Mickey and Minnie tell them I will come meet them when I feel better.

Little bug sleeping soundly with ladybug and bumblebee watching over him. Hey, if you look really close you can see Herman peeking out from underneath the covers. Be careful though, if you blink, he will be gone.

Here's Connor with Daddy telling him to straighten up and get better soon.


Anonymous said...

Randy & Lori,
The pictures are amazing! Connor is so beautiful! Oh my goodness I bet he gets lots of kisses! We are continually praying for daily miracles. Jesus, continue to renew Randy & Lori's strength and touch little Connor's body. We ask for speedy recovery Lord in Jesus Name!!

Sue & Randy

Anonymous said...

Randy & Lori

I just wanted to let you know that Bobbie and I are praying for all three of you everytime you enter into our minds.

What a trying time you are going through, but God is Faithful. We know!!!!

He will not let you down. He will be with you in every situation.

WE love you.

Gary & Bobbie Christian

Tara Blanchard said...

Wow! What beautiful pictures! Connor is looking SOOOOooooo good! Really. I mean, I can see a BIG change in him, at least through the pictures. How cute can that Little Bug be! Thanks for posting them. They are a real encouragement to see for those who continue to diligently pray for you and your family.

God bless,
Rest peacefully,
The Blanchard Family

Anonymous said...

You would never know that Connor is sick by looking at those photos today if it were not for the wires! He is looking sooo much older and cuter all the time. We will be waiting to hear great reports from all the test results today. Lord , continue to place your healing touch upon Connor's life and give all the medical team such wisdom and perseverance in planning his treatment. We thankyou for Connor and for the Conqueror that he is! Amen
Love and prayers
Tammy and James

Debi said...

Wow Little Bug looks so cute all hooked up...he is so sweet you have gotten some really special just want to reach in and hug the bug!!!
Hope you have a wonderful day with the Bug and enjoying your view with your window .....

Thank you again for sharing with all of us...I so enjoy seeing these pictures of Connor he is such a cutie...

Many blessings and prayers....


Anonymous said...

Little Bug,

You are one handsome bug! I love when your mama posts pictures of you on your blog site. I can't believe how big you are getting! Your outfits are really cute too. We are praying for you little man that Jesus will touch your little body and make you all better so you can go back home with Mommy and Daddy and Abbey very soon.

Hugs & Kisses,
Dave, Jennifer, Molly and Annie Klefstad

Cousin Brayden said...

Hi Connor~

You are so cute! I want to go and play baseball with you.

I am praying for you many times a day. Can you pray for me too please? Olivia accidentally poked a hole in my eardrum last week. We were playing doctor. So, now I have to have ear drops in my ear. The doctor said I might have to have surgery next week if it doesn't get better. I don't really want to have surgery. Do you have any tips on how to be strong?

I love you,

Cousin Brayden

Anonymous said...

Oh what wonderful pictures of Connor-and so many-what a treat for everyone!