Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Special Request For Connor!!!

Ok, enough is enough!!! Today we were told that this new breathing "thing" isn't related to his breathing at all. Apparently they think it could be siezure activity. The neurologist met with me today and explained that they will be doing a EEG Tuesday AM and if they see any abnormal activity, they will order a full MRI of his brain to check it out in more detail. This is terribly concerning to us and we are asking for specific prayer in this area. How we are trusting in the Lord that they will find nothing abnormal in Little Bugs brain. We're not sure what time the EEG will take place, but we do know it will be sometime in the morning. I will update as soon as I can with results or information.

Oh Lord, Hear our prayer regarding this new issue for Connor. We know that nothing happens in our lives that hasn't first filtered through your hands. Please give us understanding and insight regarding what the doctors think is seizure activity. We come against this insult in Jesus name and we pray for your sweet mercy and care to rest upon Connor this evening. Please Lord bring healing to his tiny little body and bless his life with good health in your timing we pray. Help Randy and I to sense your presence and to know your will. Give us peace and guard our minds from fear. We trust you Lord, even now in the mindst of our questioning!!! Amen!!

Lovebug Hugs,


Auntie Teresa & Sister said...

Lori & Randy,

I am going into my room right now to pray for Connnor! I will not let any other thing come to my mind so as to give full attention just to Connor's specific needs. God does hear our prayers but for some reason he wants to keep us on our knees.

We love you all & will pray for all your strength & continued faith.

Love, Teresa & family.

Lori, It was good to hear your voice over the phone.

Randy, We are praying for all of you and we love you.

Little Bug, We love you & wish more than anything that you would feel better. Stop puzzling those doctor's o.k. I know you are trying & we see you are such a strong willed young man. Keep it up. Take care & maybe ease up on worrying your parents & us a little. Love you Bug, Like Miss Spider say's "Sometimes a bug just needs a push in the right direction."....! Auntie, Teresa

Tara Blanchard said...

You all continue to be in our prayers.

Your family in Christ,
The Blanchards

Anonymous said...

Oh Lori,
You and Randy and LIttle bug, are going through such tough times, but you will carry through, because our SWEET JESUS will and is carrying you through. I must say this mighty little man of yours makes me fill so silly being afraid of what I am going through in my health issues right now. He is so brave!!! Please, I know he does not know me, but please give him lovebug hugs and kisses from his adopted auntie Darina. AN a GREAT BIG HUGGGGGGGGGGGGSSSSS from me to you all!!!!

dad and mom said...

Good Morning Lori and Randy and precious Connor,
You have been so much in my prayers through the night and this morning the verse in Isaiah 41:10 is so much on my heart: "Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand." Jeremiah 32:17 " Ah, sovereign Lord, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is to hard for You!
Oh Lord we pray that You stretch out your mighty arms to Connor this morning and show forth healing in his body Lord we ask for Your compassion and mercy that it will touch him we know Lord that You are holding Connor and Lori and Randy in the palm of Your hand thank you Lord for being so close to them we bind anything that is not from You and we pray for release of healing for Connor in Your Name we ask these things Amen.
Connor grandma sure was so glad to see yesterday to be able to give you kisses and hugs and to see your bright eyes when we were talking and to see all your little critters with all their smiling faces being ready to play with you when all the lights were out and no one else could see but you :) Grandpa and grandma love you so much and we'll be praying for you a whole bunch today ok you tell daddy and mama that we'll be praying for them every minute too.
With so much love for you all love dad and mom and grandpa and grandmaxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Heather Bennett said...

Randy, Lori & Connor,
I have been out of town for several days and just returned to catch up on Connor's blog. I was so excited last night to see that Connor's fevers were breaking. After having some encouragement, I'm sure this new news from the doctors was extremely unsettling. You can count on our prayers for Connor's little life. Also, you can count on our prayers for the two of you. I pray that the Lord will speak peace into each of your hearts, wisdom into the minds of the doctors and healing into Connor's body.

I love you all!

Auntie Heather Milliren said...

Yes, Lord, yes!


Jill Plfugrath said...

Lori and Randy,
It was great to come to the hospital and meet Connor. What an amzing little man! I can't belive the roller coaster you have all been on. It's time to get off that silly ride and onto the "healing train". Come on Connor, you can do it!
God Bless each of you. May God be with you always.

Jill & Dan

Jacqueline Hendrickson said...

We are seeking the Lord's interventions to LIFT you up and to give you a HOPE that you can stand firmly upon. Claiming His promises we KNOW that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord.

Hold tight to the things you know for certain and the promises that endure forever.

I love you and am praying for you.

Kiss my little love buggy for me. He is so so so precious to my heart.

Auntie Jacqueline

cousin Haley said...

Hi Baby Connor

I went to Tennant Lake yesterday for a field trip with my 1st grade class. I saw lots of bugs, BUT NONE AS CUTE AS YOU ARE!!!!!!
I Love you little bug.

Love Haley

Tanna & Kenny McGill said...

Our prayers are continuing strong for you Little Bug!!! We can't wait to meet you someday and tell you in person how proud we are of you and how brave you are :)

Tanna & Kenny McGill
Shelton, WA

Sis & Auntie Marsha and Uncle Les said...

God grant Lori and Randy peace and strengh for today, Let them feel you Love flow through them. Lord as the Doctor's give Connor more test today, give them wisdom to find out what is causing these problems. Lord we know you our a mighty God that can heal. God we pray that you heal Connor's little body and make him strong and mighty in your name.

Love and Prayers, We Love you!!
Love Les and Marsha

Hey Little Bug, We Love you lots!!!
I know what those MRI are like!! so take Herman with you when you go, I bet he will sing you a little song. I bet his favorite song is JESUS LOVE YOU. And we Love you to!!
Love Uncle Les and Auntie Marsha





Anonymous said...

Lori & Randy,
I am a neighbor of Maureen & Larry. Maureen told me about little Connor. As a father myself,I want you to know that Connor is in my prayers. God is a miracle worker, and nothing is impossible for Him. God bless you and your little bug.

Anonymous said...

I can't get that precious face and attempt to suck his thumb out of my mind. Our family we uphold you in prayer until we hear good news from you. Whatever our God does is ultimately good and so we pray for you, Connor, Randy and the doctors. When our son was so sick all I could recite was the hymn: "He is our peace. Who has broken down every wall. He is our peace. He is our peace. Cast all your cares on him for he careth for you. He is our peace. He is our peace."

Thank you Lord that you are Connor's peace and his parent's peace.

Love the Wendtlands

Michelle said...

Keeping Connor in my prayers and specifically that the MRI doesn't reveal anything abnormal; I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for you all.