Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Pictures From Today's EEG

Hey Guys, what's going on around here???? I've got probes all over my head and I'm wrapped up like I had my wisdom teeth pulled....Hey, I don't even have wisdom teeth!!!

Ok, everything's set up and ready to go....

Wow, is that really my brain being measured???? I knew I had a lot of stuff going on up there, and this just proves it......take a look at all those measurements.

During my EEG this morning I took a little nap with my binki.

How can a bug be so cute and have to undergo so many tests......But hey, look at great my color coordination is!!! Thanks to mama, my blanket matches all my new wires!!!


Auntie Heather Milliren said...

Oh Little Bug~

You are such a trooper to endure so many pokes, tests and so much time at Children's. Hang in there Little Bug! We are all pulling for you.


Auntie Heather

Auntie Maureen said...

Hey Little Bugman,
Did you grow anteneas yesterday? Even with that wacky get up you are still the cutest bug ever. That says a lot for me because I am not a bug have quite a spell over me. Derek was so happy he got to see you last night even though you were on your magic potion and slept through our visit. He looks upyour blog space everyday even when he's at school (shame on cousin Derek!!)
You take good care of your Mama and Daddy for us. Tell them we love them.
Love, Auntie Maureen and Uncle Larry