Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Breathing Tube Out!!!!

I am happy to report that the breathing tube is out!!! Today around 11:30am they removed Little Bug from the ventulator. This wasn't without worry though!!! It took him about 20 seconds before he would take a breath on his own and they had to bag him with the oxygen bag. It was obvious that he was either going to need the breathing tube reinserted or go directly on c-pap. They decided c-pap was ok and so he is now back on the big "elephant nose". He still hasn't been awake and he hasn't really opened up his eyes. It is so hard to see him constantly in this state of stillness (well, except when he is aggitated!!!) I told the nurses today, "It's more like waiting for Connor to come out of a comma than it is waiting for his lungs and body to heal." How I wish I could trade places with my precious son so that he wouldn't have to hurt any more!!

He is still having difficulty with his tummy. They haven't ok'd him to get back to feeding because his tummy has zero motility. There are no bowel sounds and he has now stopped peeing too. They have a cathater in to help him out and they think that this problem is due to the amounts of morphine he is on. As he begins to heal and as his body weans off the narcotics, we hope to see this get better. As I am writting this message we are waiting for X-ray to come and take a picture of his lungs. Apparently, they believe his left lung may be collapsing. My goodness, what's next???? This little guy has been through so much and he deserves a break. Keep up your prayers so that we can attest to the miracles that God is doing in this sweet child.

Thanks for all your love and prayers,
Lovebug Hugs,

PS ~ Daddy is still in Germany and was able to call us this morning. He is hoping to be home by Sunday. We miss you sweetheart. Be safe as you fly and know that you are right here in our hearts. Love you!!!!


Bug said...

Lori Im so HAPPY he is off the vent, but it dosent sound like he is in the clear just yet! Ill pray the X-ray is good and that his lung is not collapsing, this little bug needs to catch a break! Ill pray he continues to gain strength and that he will soon be off the drugs, and then you can see your little man and love him up!!!! Big Bug Hugs Sheila

Anonymous said...

Well, that is good news about the vent! Still keeping you all in thought and many prayers. I know you don't have a clue as to who I am, but just know I am one of many that holds your family up in prayer.
----Yvette in IA

Susie - Maggie's Mom said...

Lori, that is good news that he is off the vent finally - now you can kiss those sweet little lips. I am so sorry that he is still having problems with him tummy and now possibly his lung. Please God just heal this sweet little boy, he really has had enough. I am just constantly thinking about all of you and praying for a miracle to happen - it really is Connor's turn to be healed and be home with his Mommy and Daddy.
Your Friend. Susie.

Anonymous said...

Oh what good news. Thats a start!

Prayers the xray is normal,poor little guy shouldnt have to go through anymore!


Anonymous said...

Dear Lori & Randy
The Lord organized a very precious time last Sat-Sun when 9 of us learned about Connor & you, thru being with Raeann. We've listened and prayed with our hearts. I've felt to claim Isa 43:2 for you, Lori: the promises that you will not be burned or overflowed with this fiery trial!
Marc from Australia

Michelle said...

Glad to hear the tube came out, but sorry to hear about the possibility of the left lung collapsing! I hope that wasn't the case. Keeping connor close in prayer.

mum2brady said...

so glad the tube is out, but so sad that there are more complications. Connor is in our prayers that these tummy and lung problems will be easily dealt with and he will heal, wake up, and be with his mommy (and daddy soon) again! Keeping your little bug in our thoughts and prayers....