Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Infected Blood...

Connor's blood cultures came back after a rapid growth test this afternoon. The blood was positive for gram cocci. Basically, my understanding of this is that there is a strep or staph infection rapidly growing in his blood stream. The docs were actually surprised that they got such fast results, so they know it is a strong infection that is fast moving. They have started him on a wide ranged antibiotic called Zosyn and another called Vancomycin. They will probably have more info on the infection later tomorrow and then they will be able to treat it more specifically and agressively. Please pray for Connor's blood that it would miraculously be healed and that he would break this cycle of fevers. Today he spiked up to 104!!!! Yikes!! He screamed for almost 2 hours straight before he petered out!!! They think that there could be a correlation between this infection and his G-tube. When he was on his feeds today he was fussy and cranky ALL DAY. At 5:00pm they stopped his feeds when they saw he was possitive for gram cocci. After the docs reviewed his history they decided to start back up the feeds since we had worked so hard to get him up to where he was and he seemed to be tolerating it just fine. Within 5 minutes of starting the milk back up he was in another fit of rage, arching his back and screaming like there was no tomorrow. They stopped the feeds once again and within a few minutes he was calmed down. They will be looking further into this situation throughout the night and tomorrow. There is a possibility that because his tummy went for almost a month without food in it, that he could be feeling irritated and sensitive. All of this is just a theory at the moment and we will hope for more answers tomorrow.

I tried to post a few more pics of him from today, but there seems to be a problem uploading photos. I will try again later.

Lovebug Hugs,


Auntie Heather Milliren said...


It was so good to surprise you today. I just wish that Connor had a better day. Not only so I could have held him, but also so that he could be one day closer to being healed. I will pray that the Lord will comfort Connor by lowering his fever, removing the infection, and making his body strong enough for his heart surgery.

Lori, thank you for taking time to talk with my mom, Olivia and me when you could have been in with Connor. I admire your strength and respect you for the incredible mother you are to Connor. Be encouraged that we (your family and friends) are praying for you, Randy and Connor.

I am counting down the days until I can see you and Connor again. Five to be exact! Please know that I am here for you. Don't hesitate to call on me if you need ANYTHING!

I love you!

And, oh, those pictures you posted from yesterday. How sweet can he be! I am so glad that Scott could be there to hear Connor's little coos. What music to your ears!

Connor's Auntie Heather

P.S. Please give my love to Randy, too. I know it must pull on his heart strings to not be with you at CH. I will be praying for a short tour so that he can be back with you and Connor ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori
We are back in town and I am all caught up on the "roller coaster." Please know that we are continuing with all of our prayers and I have the ladies bible study tomarrow morning and will have the ladies praying!! I thank God that they are finding out the cause to some of this cycle with the fevers and irritations with the feeding tube. We will pray for quick answers and healing from all infections in the little bugs blood. How can one look soooo adorable when he is so sick?? I can not imagine how beautiful he will look when he is not sick anymore, he is sooo cute!! Try to get some rest tonight and when do you think it would be best for us to come up? I was thinking of Friday but would you prefere for us to wait until he is out of ICU? I know that James and I could probably come back since we are pastors but maybe I will give you a call.

Susan Pointon said...

Hi Conner -

I am Morgan's Gran and I am so glad to meet you through your Blog. Morgan's Daddy sent this to me and I wanted you to know that I have created a prayer chain for you and everyday I will say many prayers to help you get better.

Maybe some day I will get to meet you. Anyhow, smile for Mommy and Daddy.

Lots of love,
Gran Pointon

Shawn Zieglmeier said...

Dear Lori,

The prayers of many are overflowing and not one minute passes where Connor's name is not pleaded or whispered to God. Jesus is interceding on the right hand and because of His constant intercession your faith remains steadfast, you are standing in the gap and God remains the supplier of every strategy and weapon needed to fight the fight. Thankfully the Commander does not forsake and oversees the battle until the end. He is the Blessed Controller! Phil 4:8 What is so wonderful about God being the Commander is you can rest in the Shadow of His wings when you need to be refueled and other warriors pick up where you left off, until you are ready to step back up. Just a few days away and you will see an army of women come to your aide, just as you have heard, now you will see!