Sunday, April 02, 2006

Standing still.....

Good evening friends ~
Connor had a medically uneventful day. To tell you the truth it was a day of standing progress and no regress!! I guess we should be thankful for uneventful days because that means that he's not getting worse!! He remains on and off the c-pap machine and we hope that this will be a week of weaning off that machine, but time will tell. We realize that the statement we've heard around here is really true, hospital time is not the same as real time. Things don't happen when you want them to and just when you think you have it all figured out, something changes and you have to shift your focus to another mountain standing in your way.

The best part of today was the encouragment and love we felt from our family and friends that visited. Connor was blessed to have both sets of grandparents here with him and Uncle Harold and Aunt Sandy stopped in before heading over the mountain pass for home. Thanks Dad & Mom for the great lunch...yummy roast and potatoes!!!!! Uumm uumm good, home cookin' is the best. We also loved seeing our good friend Amy. She has been wanting to come for a while and today was the day it worked out!!! What comrodary we share Amy!! Your honesty and love are amazing & I love ya!!! Thanks for all the visits and good company today!!

Randy brought Abbey up for a visit with mama today too!!! I didn't realize how much I missed that dog!! Randy will be spending time this week going back and forth from the hospital and working at the base as he prepares for his next trip overseas. He tentatively leaves on the 9th to head back over to "sand land" as he calls it. Mama and little bug are gearing up to say goodbye to daddy for a while at the end of the week.

Many blessings and much love to all our bloggers. Thanks for your faithfulness in prayer and your constancy in loving us!!! We are forever grateful.

Lovebug Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweeties!
I am so happy to hear Connor is stable. God's word is true and I really felt like the other day was a milestone to recovery! My kids pray every night for Connor and tonight Victoria prayed a bit differently - that Connor would not only recover, but be able to come home soon! AMEN!
Happy Belated Birthday, Lori! Bless both of your hearts, that you have celebrated both of your birthdays in the hospital. Nothing can stomp out love, no matter where you are!

Lori, I was so happy to be able to see you and Connor. My heart has been there, but with the kids, work and trying to schedule a time to get to Seattle, life just did not allow it. Please know, we love you guys and are with you in spirit.

Many blessings,
JoAnn Andro

Auntie Heather said...

Lori, Randy and Connor~

Hang in there! I am confident that tomorrow will be a better day! I am so glad that so many loved ones came by today for a visit. I can just taste Mom's roast and potatoes. Yum!

Try to get some sleep. You are always in my prayers.

Love, Auntie Heather

Randy and Cynthia Drake said...

Dear Lori and Randy and Bugaboo,

We were so happy to see your Dad greeting us at the door of the church this morning. We are praying for your Mom and Dad as he recovers from his heart surgery. We of course are holding all of you in prayer as you walk this journey with Connor. Have a blessed week ahead. I am heading east of the mountains to visit with my mom to share of our adventures in Switzerland, Italy, France and England this past week.
Love to you,

Randy and Cyndi Drake and Kids too!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the strength, Baby Connor is so Loved, and even the uneventful days are such a Blessing!
It is so hard to have these days, but with the many loved ones you have around you 3, there is no doubt in my mind or heart that tomorrow will Always be a brighter day!
I just wanted to say hi, & see how Connors progress was going!
Keep your head up, strength to you all always......
And Prayers from us & our Family to yours!
Princess Xomaria & Mamma Ria,
And Grammy Tsue
Children's Hospitol Parent's! ;o)

Uncle Les & Aunt Marsha said...

Dear Randy, Lori & Connor.

Happy Monday Morning, Sounds like you had a wonderful day yesterday.
I know those Grandpa's and Grandma's were showering all of you with lots & lots of love. Conner is a very lucky little lovebug to have the two you as his Mommy and Daddy!!!!!! Love and Prayers
Les & Marsha

Anonymous said...

Hi Conner

I Love you, Have a GREAT day today.
I'll think of you when I'm a school today,( OH, I guess I better listen to my teacher ) Say Hi to your Mom and Dad from me to.
Love Carly

cousin Haley said...

Hi Baby Conner.

I Love You. I Love You. I Love you.
I'm sending you hugs and kisses.

Hi Uncle Randy and Aunt Lori.

I Love you to lots and lots.
I'm sending you hugs and kisses to.
Love Haley

Heather Bennett said...

Randy & Lori,
As I read you blog this morning, an old song ran through my head. It says:
"Stand still and see His glory. Watch as His mysteries unfold. Bask in the presence of pure living water refreshing, reviving the soul."
As you "stand still" and wait I pray that you will see God's glory and His mysteries unfold before your eyes. During this time of waiting for the process of healing, God can refresh you. :) How wonderful He is.

I am praying for you all again and again today.

You just take all the time you need, resting, recovering, getting better so you can play real soon.
I love you little bug. :)

Auntie Heather #2 :)

Dad and Mom said...

Good Morning Lori and Randy and Precious Connor,

It was so good to be with you yesterday seems the time just goes by to fast doesn't it? We just keep thinking about those minutes over and over again and look forward to our next visit :)YEA :)

Sure hope the next time we'll beable to hold you Connor that will make grandpa and grandma very happy. We pray so much for you today that you will beable to breathe better and that your mama will beable to hold you and just snuggle with you she really likes that alot :)

Oh Lori and Randy we pray that the doctors will have some answers for you today. Just always remember that the Lord goes in those doors before you He knows every turn in that hospital and every elevator and He already knows what table you will set at in the cafeteria. He is your constant source of strength, just like it says in Neh. the Joy of the Lord is your strength.

We love you and Randy and Connor so very much. Give Connor BIG loves for us and lots for you too.

We'll talk to you later ok

Denessen's said...

Randy, Lori & Bugaboo!!

I like that, bugaboo!! Just think Connor you have so many nicknames already....You are Soooooo loved!!
I hope mama & daddy are telling you how much we all are praying for you & that you get up on that mountain top soon!!

Randy & Lori, Sometimes life is full of hills, valley's & mountain tops!! just think of this waiting time as a valley & soon you will all be on that mountain top!
Connor still has healing to do & yes sometimes it takes time, patience (i think that's one of the hardest things in life)

I pray every night that an army of angels will be with Connor & that he feels comforted through this journey.

So Glad you had both sets of
Grandparent's there yesterday to uplift & encourage you & to plain old keep you company....let everyone around you give you strength...

I too have had a song going through my head lately....

"come breathe in me, all my life takeover....come live in me and I will rise on Eagle's Wings.....

(Not sure of name of song...but I'm sure you've heard it)...

Hoping that Connor will rise on Eagle's wings soon & fly like his daddy!!!

P.S. the kid's & us were talking about camping this summer and they were so cute...they were making plan's to have Connor come over to our trailer so we could babysit!!!! Jake wants to play cowboy's & indian's with him!!! Oh what fun that will be!

Alway's in our prayer's!

Love, Teresa, Ted & gang!

Princess Morgan said...

Dear Connor,

Thank you so much for visiting my BLOG. Daddy tries to be funny, and mostly he does ok. I'm counting the days til you get to go home, and I feel it will be sooner than everyone thinks, because of your incredible strength and indomitable (Daddy helped with big word) will. Can't wait to meet you, and set up that date 16 years from now (don't tell my Daddy - I've got to work on him a bit) ;)

Princess Morgan (AKA Peanut)

Anonymous said...

I'm getting to know you Lori through this blog. I think Randy is a lucky guy to have found you. I'm addicted to coming here several times a day to check in on Connor and his progress.
I'm reminded today of a poem that we give to parents occasionally here in our NICU. Go to Google and type in "poem/Welcome to Holland" I love this and think you might too. It's by Emily Perl Kingley.
Know that we here in Phoenix and praying for the three of you every day. We love you. Jerenda